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In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful.


Al-Huda Newsletter - December Issue


Special Issue of Hajj   



                Article: 1     THE HOLY QURAN   Sura Maryam No: 19


                Article: 2     PROPHET ISA (JESUS) {an excerpt from ' The Prohets of Islam '} 

                                   by the late Dr. Haider Husain Shamsi


                Article: 3     I've learned ! by Andy Rooney 


                Article: 4     Misunderstanding Islam  -  By John Alden Williams    


                Article: 5     Islam Today  -  By Sayyed Siraj Haider Zaidi


                Article: 6     Good Reading Habits And A Little About Speed Reading  -  by M. Afzal Janjua


                Article: 7     Jokes of Mulla NASRUDDIN: THE SUFI JESTER  By Niladri Moitra    


                Article: 8     Cure for an Islam Gone Mad ..... 

                                   Moderates must be encouraged to leaven extremists destroying our civilizations. by Amos Oz   


                Article: 9     Blasphemy Before God: the Darkness of Racism in Muslim Culture By Adam Misbah al-Haqq    


                Article: 10   Suicide by Smoking - By Zahid Zaidy

                Article: 11   Important life lessons - by Kathy Paauw   


                Article: 12   Listen, come here - by Rumi    




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