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Article 1  

Holy Qur'an 
Chapter 56: The Event (al-waqiya)

Article 2
Imam Ali Naqi (a) 
(excerpt from Dr. Syed Haider Hussain Shamsi's book, " And The Message 
Continures--the Lives of the Twelve Imams From the Alhe Bait.) 

Article 3  
(except from Dr.Sayed Haider Hussain Shamsi's book, " The lives of the Imams 
of Ahlul Bayt ". This book can be read online in the book section of this 
Article 4
Rumi Page
Article 5
Downfall of the Muslim Ummah
 by: Ayesha Hassan 

     The history of this world is a story of rise and fall of civilizations.
An intimate study would reveal that this rise and fall has definite causes: it is not spontaneous. Therefore, it is vital to learn what actually triggers it and whether it can be reversed. In the following discussion, an attempt has been made to pinpoint the reasons of the downfall, which in fact means the hurdles that need to be removed in order to take the Muslim Ummah back on the track of prosperity.

Article 6
Iqbal's Shikwa and Jawab-e- Shikwa ( an English translation of Iqbal's reknowned poem on the state of Muslim  umaa ) 




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 Love all and hate none
Courtesy: Ramona, CA

Love all and hate none. 
Mere talk of peace will avail you naught. 
Mere talk of God and religion will not take you far. 
Bring out all of the latent powers of your being 
And reveal the full magnificence of 
your immortal self. 
Be surcharged with peace and joy, 
And scatter them wherever you are 
and wherever you go. 
Be a blazing fire of truth, 
Be a beauteous blossom of love and 
a soothing balm of peace. 
With your spiritual light 
dispel the darkness of ignorance; 
Dissolve the clouds of discord and war. 
Spread the message of goodwill, 
peace and harmony among the people. 
Never seek any help, 
charity or favours from anybody except God. 
Never go to the courts of Kings, 
But never refuse to bless 
and help the needy and the poor, 
the widow and the orphan when they come to your door. 
This is your mission, to serve the people...

Hazrat Shah Goolam Mahomed Nizami Habibi



Article 7

Islam at a Glance

Islam And Muslim:
Islam is an Arabic Word which means peace, purity, acceptance and 
commitment. The religion of Islam is the complete acceptance of the 
teachings and guidance of God ( Allah being his proper name ). i.e. 
surrender to the Will of God.

Article 8


The Prophet oF Mercy (s)
Bleeding from head to toe, battered and exhausted, the Prophet (peace
and blessings be upon him) was faced with a choice. Should he or should
he not seek to destroy the people who had just humiliated him by having
their children chase him out of town while throwing stones at him?

Article 9
Peace: The Universal Message of World's Religions  by Shahid Athar
Peace is from God as one of His attributes is As-Salaam, the Giver of 
peace. Peace and the desire for peace were built into man just as other human 
instincts, such as hunger, thirst, love and truthfulness. 
Article 10
Being Muslim…..                      Being Optimistic 
A true Muslim is never pessimistic. His optimistic attitude is derived 
from his absolute trust in God. Whoever puts his trust in Allah will find 
Him as he thought of Him. God says: I am whatever My servant thinks of Me. 
Article 11
Tolerance: Islamic Perspective
       The Spirit of Tolerance in Islam Intolerance is on the increase in the world today. It is causing death,  genocide, violence, religious persecution as well as confrontations on different levels. 
Article 12
Miracle cure for anything that ails you: 

Headaches - Fish - Eat plenty of fish - fish oil helps prevent headaches. So
does ginger, which reduces inflammation and pain. 

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