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  Article 1      


Sura Muzammil 

(The Wrapped Up)

                           Translation by Shakir      






  Article 3      

by the late Dr. syed Haider Hussain Shamsi
(An excerpt from his book, "The Prophets of Islam" available for online reading on this site, in the Book Section.) 
      Yusuf was one of the twelve sons of Ya'qub.  His mother's name was Raheel. He had a younger sister and a brother named Benyamin (Benjamin) from the same
mother.  Yusuf was exceptionally handsome and was very dear to his parents. 

  Article 5      

ALI BIN ABI TALIB                                                     The Perfect Model of Islam by Nasir Shamsi

The name of Ali bin Abi Talib (a) is synonymous with Islam; no episode of early Islam can be mentioned without his presence or participation in one way or another. He was brought up by the Prophet himself and was fully immersed in
all moral and spiritual aspects of his teachings.                      

It is quite apparent that Allah had a plan in providing a gift to His last Apostle on earth, in the magnificent form of Ali. The unique qualities of head and heart and physique enabled Ali to lend support in implementing the Prophet's Divine Mission.                                                                   


  Article 7      

Islam between East and West
Alija Izetbegovic

"Though it is from the East that the sun rises, showing itself bold and bright, without a veil, it burns and blazes with inward fire only when it escapes from the shackles of East and West. 

Drunk with the splendor it springs up out of its East that it may subject all horizons to its mastery, its nature is innocent of both East and West, though in origin, true, it is an Easterner."  Iqbal ( Javid Nama )                             [More]

  Article 9      

by Okasha Naqvi, age 14, New Jersey

This strange species
that I've discovered,
is odder than odd can get,
it calls itself the 'people'

  Article 1 1      

What happened to the Ummah ??
courtesy: Syed Noor

What happened to the ummah once known so well?
Our greatness was known, but now can you tell?

Our Masjids are empty, but our refrigerators are stocked.
We've lost our deen, but we feel secure, cuz' our mansions are locked.                                                           [More]

  Article 2      

The Essential Woman  by Anita Rai
---an excerpt from her book: the chapter : The hardest Times... on the life and times of Sayyeda Zaynab binte Ali bin Abi Talib (a) 

  Article 4      

And The Message Continues.................
(written in 1999) By Nasir Shamsi

Haider Shamsi was like a brother to me. His death took us all by surprise.  I was devastated and despite my knowing that death is imminent and we are all to go to the final abode, I still have not been able to reconcile with this colossal tragedy, which deprived our community of a jewel--the most rare, unique and precious jewel.  I wish to convey to our sister Adiba, the loving and devoted wife and partner of our dear friend and brother that she is not alone in her suffering. We all mourn with her the sad and untimely demise of Haider and pray to Allah that He may, in His Infinite Mercy, bestow His Choicest Blessings on the departed soul.                                             [More]

  Article 6      

The White Man's Burden by Rudyard Kipling,    McClure's Magazine 12, Feb. 1899)

For the last few centuries the West has been undertaking the missionary task of  "educating" the natives of the once colonial territories.                                                [More]

  Article 8      

I asked God
courtesy: Ali Hassan Jarchavi, CA

God said, No.
It is not for me to take away, but for you to give it up.
I asked God to make my handicapped child whole.
God said, No.
His spirit is whole, his body is only temporary
I asked God to grant me patience.
God said, No.                                                   [More]

    Article 1 0      

The story of the chickpea
 by Rumi
Chickpea to Cook:

A chickpea leaps almost over the rim of the pot where it's being boiled.
"Why are you doing this to me?"
The cook knocks him down with the ladle.
"Don't you try to jump out.
You think I'm torturing you.
I'm giving you flavor, so you can mix with spices and rice and be the lovely vitality of a human being.

Article 1 2    
Iqbal's Shikwa and Jawab-e- Shikwa
( an English translation of Iqbal's renowned poem on the state of Muslim umaa ) Shikwa:
Why should I abet the loss, why forget the gain,
Why forfeit the future, bemoan the past in vain?
Hear the wail of nightingale, and remain unstirred,
Am I a flower insensate that will not say a word?                                                               [More]




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