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Newsletter for March 2017


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Article ... 1     The Holy Qur'an Surah # 93 - Verses: 1 to 11 "The Morning Hours, Morning Bright" translated by A. Yusufali 

Al-Huda Newsletter of March 2017 Article ... 2     Prophet Luqman (AS) English Translation by SYED HAIDER HUSSAIN SHAMSI (From his Book THE PROPHETS OF ISLAM)

  Article ... 3     The Sixth Imam: Ja'far ibne Muhammad  (AS) by Late Dr. Syed Haider Husain Shamsi (From his book  Lives of the twelve Imams (AS) from the Ahle Bait)

  Article ... 4     The Noble Qur'an The Ahadith, The Traditions

  Article ... 5     The Day of Ashura: A Microcosm of the Human Condition by Marryam Naqvi Article 2 of 3  (Article 1)

  Article ... 6     Here is why a trip to Tehran will leave you in wonder by Nauman Afzal

  Article ... 7     A Bigger Picture By Mohamed A Khalfan (Dar es Salaam, Tanzania)

  Article ... 8     Jesus on Ethics – Pieces of Advice from the ‘Word of God’

  Article ... 9     Khums, the Fund of Independence of Bayt Al-Mal by Ayatullah Nasser Makarem Shirazi

  Article ... 10    Ahadith on Parents

  Article ... 11    Fitness Trends That Need to Disappear in 2017

  Article ... 12    Article is removed on 12/05/2017 and will be updated with a new article.  




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