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Hajj 2016

Newsletter for November 2016

     Article ... 1      The Holy Qur'an Surah # 89 - Verses: 1 to 30 " The Dawn, Daybreak  " translated by A. Yusufali 

   Article ... 2      THE LIFE AND THE TIMES OF IMAM JA'FAR AS-SAADIQ (as) by Dr. Syed Haider Husain Shamsi

   Article ... 3      Importance of Hajj by Mahmud Mahdipur

   Article ... 4      The Pilgrimage "HAJJ" by Dr. Ali Shariati Translated by: Ali A. Behzadnia, M.D. & Najla Dennya

   Article ... 5      Hajj Rituals by Ayatullah Sayyid Ali Hussaini Sistani

   Article ... 6      What Are Allergies? by Lynn Marks

   Article ... 7      Little Green Lies: Why Electric Cars Won’t Save the Environment By Larry Alton

   Article ... 8      The oldest library on Earth was started by a woman, and finally everyone can visit it.

   Article ... 9      Shia Sunni Dialog in Pakistan: Why and How By Abdul Malik Mujahid

   Article ... 10     Iqbal, Quran and Muslim Unity By Dr. Mansoor Alam 

   Article ... 11     Creeping Sharia in Health Care

   Article ... 12     Why Rumi? Here are 12 Reasons










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