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Newsletter for July 2013


Article 1      Fasting as prescribed in Quran Sura 2: 183-187 translated by Abdullah Yusuf Ali
Article 2      A Sermon of Ali ibne abi Talib (as) SERMON 1 of Nahjul Balagha
Article 3      THE BASIC ELEMENTS OF ISLAMIC FAITH by Late Dr. Syed Haider Shamsi
Article 4      Learning a Lesson for Ramadan by ASMA GULL HASAN
Article 5       THE JOYS OF RAMADAN FASTING "Fasting an exercise in self-restraint " by Shahid Athar
Article 6      The Purpose of Fasting By: Hassan A. Sheikh, Brielle, New Jersey
Article 7      Forgiveness in Islam…. Towards understanding the role of forgiveness, mercy and compassion
              in Islam by Nasir Shamsi
Article 8      American Muslims Thank US Postal Service For The Eid Stamp
Article 9      Value of Parents
Article 10    How Does One Become A Muslim?
Article 11    With Ibn Battuta. “No Journey Is Too Far”
Article 12    The Reality of Peace and War by Rumi







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