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Newsletter for July 2012

Article 1      The Holy Quran 19 Sura Maryam translated by Yusef
Article 2      LUQMAN (a) by Dr. Haider Hussain Shamsi's
Article 3      Karbala: Paradigm of Islamic Resurgence by ANNEMARIE SCHIMMEL
Article 4      Etiquettes of Social Life By Shaykh Ashraf Ali
Article 5       The Story of the Transformation of a Community by Nasir Shamsi
Article 6      MMR Vaccine Causes Autism by Sue Reid
Article 7      Shi'a-Phobia Exposed by Dr. Robert D. Crane
Article 8      Herbs for Pain Management By Cathy Wong
Article 9      Triphala - Modern Health Benefits of an Ancient Healing Compound by Jim English
Article 10    Herbal Alternatives for a Healthy Prostate - Natural Cures may Reduce the Risk of
                   Prostate Cancer
by Lucy Tashman
Article 11    What I Learned From Dr. Caldwell and Ann Esselstyn's Prevent and
                   Reverse Heart Disease "School"
Article 12    Inside the Rose by Rumi






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