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The Eight Powers


This is the power to provide comfort where no comfort exists. Its foundation is a constant connection with my inner truth and an openness
& regard for others. To accommodate does not mean to compromise…I maintain my integrity and the integrity of others with my commitment to
truth, and faith in myself.

The Power to ACCOMMODATE requires a deep understanding and acceptance of myself - the ability to nurture myself so that I can provide what is
needed in any situation. With this power, I experience a deep contentment that is impervious (remaining unmoved by other people's
opinions) to the events around me.


This is the power of the intellect, the divine intellect. It is the art of consulting the most elevated self to understand the knowledge of
truth and falsehood, right and wrong, reality and illusion, benefit and loss.

The Power to KNOW is the ability to discern accurately – the power of clarity that allows me to choose the best course of action. I see beyond
the present moment to the future implications of any choice I make – I know longer react! It requires that I trust my highest self, even in the
face of opposing opinions, and listen to what is known deep within.


This is the power of truth, the power to choose truth, to stand alone in that truth no matter what. It is intrinsically connected to the Power to
KNOW and takes much of its clarity from that power. I can often know the best course of action, can be absolutely certain, but without the


Power to DECIDE, I am unable to follow that knowing.

This power requires me to be completely free from any attachment to the outcome of my decision. I must make the decision , follow through but
not be concerned about the result. Any expectations or investment of myself in the result can create worry, doubt, confusion and, ultimately
disappointment. I must also understand that whatever decision I make is destined and accurate – I will always learn and benefit from it.


The main attributes of this power are courage and honesty. The Power to FACE means that nothing is too fearsome to handle, that I am equipped
with all the powers I need to face whatever comes – fear or overwhelming emotion, lack of self worth, attack or denigration by others; situations
that seem impossible, insurmountable.

This power is not to be cajoled or negotiated with. I will not accept illusion or falsehood, ego, greed, lust attachment, jealousy or anger in
myself, and I will not support it in others. Balanced with the Power to LOVE, I treat myself with compassion and understanding, but I will not
tolerate self deception as it devalues me.


In many ways the Power to CO-OPERATE is the culmination of all the powers. It requires me to be free from vice – ego, jealousy/envy,
attachment, lust, anger, greed – from anything that would stop me from being an instrument for a task.

When I am detached, my sense of knowing accurately what is needed, my ability to be flexible and adjust to all situations and types of people,
enables me to be benevolent.

To fully realize this power I must be full to the point of overflowing and beyond any need to be praised or acknowledged. I am solid in my self
respect and completely content. I give freely and unconditionally from a state of fullness.


The Power to WITHDRAW* *is about perspective. It gives clarity and coolness, as well as the ability to change a situation. To withdraw is
to detach or step back from whatever the current situation is – feelings, emotions, confusion, interaction – whatever my potential
reactions might be.

It is the power to become the pure point of consciousness, the real self – the being who plays the character. I detach from the scene, from the
role I am playing, from the body I inhabit. It does not require me to leave the world. I remain in the world but beyond its influence –
connected and true to myself.


This is the power to cut away everything that is destructive, useless and wasteful. It is the Power to LET GO of all and hold nothing of the
past in my heart, nor anything pointless of the future in my mind. It is the strength to say 'no' to negativity.

Letting go requires courage, forgiveness, trust and purity. It means my life starts anew from this point onwards, and its foundation is Truth.
When I let go of all limitations of identity, and all the expectations I have of myself based on what others/society expect, then I can have
greater understanding and compassion for myself and others.


To love the self is the greatest need. When I truly love and accept myself, I become my own mother, tolerating the inconsistencies, the
failings, and seeing past all the limitations to love myself, the pure soul, completely.

We have been tricked into thinking we were loving or being loved, the illusion of love, be it neediness, sex, dependency, safety, fear,
loneliness, etc. The Power to LOVE is the power to stand independently in the love of God and myself and be fulfilled – aware of my own
worthiness. This is unconditional love and it requires that I be fearless.






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