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Destruction of Golden Mosque - Shameful & Cowardly Act

02-22-06 16:35


Feb 23, 2006

PLAINFIELD, IN – The Islamic Society of North America registers its deep shock and dismay over the destruction of the priceless shrine of Imam Mahdi, the Golden Mosque in Samarra.

We are deeply dismayed at the loss of life and the loss of this heritage structure. The loss of this beautiful masjid comes at a time when the people of Iraq were seeking to establish their government.

We appeal to all Muslims to strive to overcome their differences in order to create a peaceful world for themselves and everyone. We appeal to the people of Iraq to bear this loss with fortitude and courage and let the law take its course in apprehending the miscreants responsible for this deplorable and mindless act.

ISNA joins the Muslim world in mourning this loss and condemns those who planned and executed this criminal act.

For more information and resources, please contact

Mohamed Elsanousi
Director Communications and Community Relations
317-839-8157 Ex 228 or at

LI Islamic leaders call for unity
Area Islamic leaders gather in Westbury to denounce violence in Iraq and promote common values among various dueling Muslim groups
Shrine attack sets back U.S. gains in Iraq
February 25, 2006, 9:02 PM EST,0,2598708.story

Seattle Muslim groups unite to pray for peace
About 80 Muslims of different sects gathered for prayer and a sermon Friday in Seattle, responding to sectarian violence in Iraq with a call for common worship.

Metro Detroit
LOCAL REACTION: Mosques to hold unity events this weekend
February 24, 2006
Muslims across metro Detroit are calling for unity and peace in the wake of sectarian violence in Iraq.
Starting today, there will be several forums during the weekend at local mosques that emphasize Sunni-Shi'ite unity. Both sects have large congregations in metro Detroit, and they are closely watching the unfolding tensions in Iraq

CAIR-FL: Muslims to Call for Unity After Shrine Attack
South Florida Area Sunni and Shia leaders to condemn attacks on religious sites
(MIAMI, FL, 2/24/06) - On Sunday, February 26, the Florida office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-FL) will hold a “Peace Gathering” to condemn the recent attacks on a Shia Muslim shrine and on Sunni mosques in Iraq and to call for calm and religious unity. Local Sunni and Shia leaders will take part in the peace gathering.


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