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Newsletter for May 2013


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by Rumi


With what work are you occupied with and what kind of bird are you, and what are you eaten with ?

Get off this shop of hagglers and come to the Store of Allah' Grace *
where He is the Buyer.

His Compassion buys the shabby goods others would turn down.

With that Purchaser no base coin is rejected, for He seeks no gain from His


Dar cheh kāri to va bahr-e chet kharand
to cheh morghi va torā bā cheh khvorand
Zin dokkān bā makkāsān bartar ā
tā dokkān-e Fazl k-Allāha-shtarā*
Kāleh-'i keh hich khalaqesh na-negarid
az khalāqet ān Karim ān-rā kharid
Hich qalbi pish-e U mardud nist
zānkeh qasdesh az kharidan sud nist

Mathnawi VI:1264-1267
*al-Tawbah, 111






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