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The Dawn
by Sajjad Shamsi

The black veil of night has silently lifted
To reveal the fair face of a new dawn.
The Emperor of Light driving a golden chariot
Sallies forth to review his domains.
The frontiers of darkness fold away.

The tiny lamps of the night
Pay their homage to the Great Orb
And silently retire.

Song birds sound a fanfare to welcome the King.
Blossoms offer their bejewelled lips
To be kissed by shafts of golden light.
The morning breeze showers petals in his path .
And leaves a mist of fragrance in its wake.

The heart of the universe throbs with life;
Man and beast and insects,
Wasps and bees and glittering butterflies
All hasten to their appointed stations.

This then is Dawn -the beginning of all things
The Dawn of Day, the Dawn of History , the Dawn of Life.

( Taken from the Poet's Anthology of poems, " Gathering Shadows ")







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