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Islamic Morals Ensure That Everyone Brings Solutions

   One who adheres to the principles of the Qur'an brings solutions to problems and acts wisely under all circumstances. Thus, an individual living by the principles of the Qur'an never feels frustrated, no matter how complicated the situation might seem. This is also why, in a society where religious morals prevail, no member ever encounters a complication he cannot overcome.

When the morality of religion does not prevail, people do not show wisdom as they should. That is why, simple problems remain unsolved in societies far removed from the values of religion. Indeed, members of such societies experience many problems and troubles throughout their lives. But, rather than seek sound solutions for them, they incorporate the problems into daily life, as if they were doomed to remain unsolved.
Being incompetent to solve problems has its repercussions in every aspect of the lives of those who live a life distant from religion.
Mostly they fall into despair and complain. Meanwhile, failing to exercise their reason, they arrive at no solutions. Even if they attempt to do so, their solutions prove to be irrational, since they limit their thought to a very narrow perspective.

Furthermore, in societies where the values of religion are not observed, not finding any solutions is almost accepted as a legitimate excuse for inaction. It is often used as a pretext to cover up irresponsible, lazy, indifferent or sluggish manners. Especially at the workplace, everyone tries to present his responsibility as a complicated one and tries to build up an image of one who undertakes difficult tasks. This, however, is only a gambit designed to cover up his potential mistakes, negligence or failures.

The main reason why complications remain unsolved in societies far removed from the values of the Qur'an is that people are not even able to cope with their personal problems. One who does not adhere to the principles of Islam is carried away by his own desires. In this sense, he merely strives to satisfy his own desires and is not at all concerned about working for the good of society or of individuals. At all events, he attaches the utmost importance to his own interests and avoids going to trouble, spending energy and money, or undertaking responsibility for the benefit of others.

Even the most trivial, easily solved problem remains a riddle. Everyone seeks to impress others, ingratiate himself with his seniors, have his standpoint endorsed, or at least always wants to be the one who has the "last word." Such personal complexes and expectations ultimately cause man to fail to offer solutions. The main reason lying behind the incompetence of people who do not live by the principles of religion to bring matters to a satisfactory conclusion is stated in the following

... Their adversity among themselves is very great. You consider them united but, their hearts are divided. That is because they do not use their intellect. (Surat al-Hashr: 14)

One frequently sees examples of this in the open discussion programs held on TV. Participants discuss an issue for hours, sometimes until the early hours of the morning. Since everybody is prone to argue, there is general disagreement. Participants may grasp what others think is really true, but their pride prevents them from admitting it and they simply feel the urge to humiliate others and even to show open opposition to it. This is because, what really matters is not to find the truth but to be the one who tells the truth, or to put it another way, the one who gives the last decision. Those who argue go into many petty details only because they want to be recognised for their knowledge. The main purpose here is to take any opportunity to look smart and knowledgeable. They often diverge from the main issue and only hours later do they realise that they had not arrived at a solution. To one's surprise, during these discussions, more complications, conflicts and divergent views arise.
Actually, they initially do not intend to find solutions at all. They develop and take shelter in vain philosophies, holding that what really matters is to discuss, express and exchange views. They think it quite acceptable not to arrive any solutions after extended hours of discussion. Over and above this, they find this perfectly normal.

Believers, on the other hand, being conscious that God takes account of all things, remain wise, conscientious and thoughtful under all circumstances. They make the most pertinent decisions and find the best solutions. They swiftly decide on matters and are not hindered by any obstacle, since they are guided by the best morality, the strong feelings of responsibility and the faculty of thinking granted to them by the Qur'an. They "manage their affairs by mutual consultation."
(Surat ash-Shura: 38) At all times, they take the option which most pleases God. In no case do they diverge from justice and righteousness, though it might be contrary to their personal interest and the desire for self-satisfaction.

Only serving God and awaiting their rewards from Him, believers do not descend to seeking the approval of others, attaining a particular status in their eyes, being appreciated by them, attracting attention or showing off. That is why, in every decision they take, they constantly receive the support, assistance, inspiration and blessing of God.

Having a deep fear of God and being meticulously obedient to His limits guide a believer in the exercise of discrimination (Surat al-Anfal: 29) so as to arrive at the most pertinent decision and solution. Having this fear and sedulously observing God's commandments, he is given a *"way
out"* by God (Surat at-Talaq: 2), and *"matters are made easy for him."* (Surat at-Talaq: 4)

courtesy: E-tabligh





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