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Dua’a-e-Mashlool is also called Dua’a-e-Khizr. Mashlool is derived from “Shal” which means “Frozen or Paralyzed”. The Commander of the Faithful, the Rescuer of the troubled, the Spiritual Father of Muslims (Hadith), came to rescue to a paralyzed young man.
The King of Martyrs, Imam Husayn (a.s.) narrates the back ground: “On a dark wintry night, I accompanied my father, Imam Ali (a.s.) to the Sacred Mosque of Ka’ba. While we were praying, we heard someone reciting supplication. My father sent me towards the man, and I brought him in the presence of my father, who asked the man’s name. He replied “My name is Manzil ibn Lahiq. In my youth I persisted in sins, while my father used to guide me towards repentance. Instead of listening, I used to beat him. One day, I stole his hidden money and was running out when he tried to stop me. I twisted his wrist and ran away. Thereupon, my father kept fast and went to the Sacred Mosque of Ka’ba and prayed to Allah to inflict upon me the disease of paralysis. Before long I was paralyzed. I then besought my father to pray for my recovery at the same place where he had prayed for my affliction. My father in his infinite love and kindness granted my request and we both set out for Makkah. As my bad luck would have it, my father’s camel got frightened and he was thrown on the ground and died. Now I am left to spend rest of my life in this condition.
On hearing this sad tale, Imam Ali (a.s.) was moved by pity and compassion, and taught him the following prayer and said: “Perform the ablutions and recite this prayer tonight.” He did so, and the effect was miraculous! Next morning when he came to my father, he was perfectly cured and said: “Really this prayer is ISM-E-AZAM because when I prayed this Dua’a several times, a deep sleep fell upon me and I dreamt that the Noble Prophet (s.a.w.a.s.) came and massaged my body with his own hands. When I woke up, the illness had completely departed from me. May Allah reward you O’ Amir-al-Momineen.”
Imam Husayn (a.s.) continues to state this Dua’a contains ISM-E-AZAM. Whoever recites it is relieved of sorrows, cured of illness, his debts will be paid off, his poverty will be changed to prosperity, his sins forgiven, his defects hidden, and he shall be granted safety and security from all evil. If any of the obedient servants of Allah recites this prayer, the mountains can be moved from their place, the dead can be restored to life, and water can turn into ice. Imam Husayn (a.s.) further directs that this prayer should never be recited in a state of impurity and pollution.
In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
O Allah, I beseech you with Your name; the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Benign.
O Lord of Majesty and Generosity; O Living; O Self-Subsisting, O Ever-Living, there is no God but You. O You that are “He” of whom no one knows what “He” is, nor how is “He” nor where “He” is, except “He”. O Lord of the Great Kingdom and Supremacy. O Lord of the Honor and Omnipotence:
O Sovereign Lord, O Holy one! O Peace; O Keeper of Faith; O Guardian O Revered one; O Compeller; O Superb, O Creator, O Maker of all things from nothing; O Artist; O Beneficent; O Administrator; O Severe (in wrath); O Inventor; O Restorer; O Originator; O Most Living: O Praised; O Adored. O You who is distant yet near; O Answerer of prayer; O Observer; O Reckoner. O Innovator; O Exalted; O Unassailable; O Hearer; O Knower; O Wise; O Bountiful; O Forbearing; O Eternal; O Lofty; O Great. O Most Compassionate; O Giver of all good; O most perfect Compensator of good and evil; O You whose help is sought for. O Majestic; O Glorious; O Trusted; O Guardian; O Alleviator of suffering; O Fulfiller of hopes; O Guide; O Magnanimous. O Giver of Guidance; O Established; o Everlasting; O Knowing; O Ruler; O Dispenser of justice; O Equitable; O You who disjoins and unites; O Pure; O Purifier; O Powerful; O Almighty; O Great; O Magnificent; O One; O Matchless; O Eternal; O Absolute; O You Who bears none and is born of none; nor is there anyone equal to You nor You have any spouse; nor any bearer of Your burden; nor any consultant to give You any advise; nor do You need any supporter; nor is there with You any deity; there is no God but You and You are far Exalted with Great Excellence above all that which unjust people say concerning You. O High and Lofty; O Most Glorious; O Opener; O Diffuser of fragrance; O Tolerant; O Helper; O Victorious; O Overtaker; O Destroyer; O Avenger; O Resurrector; O Inheritor; O Seeker; O Conqueror; O You from Whom no fugitive can escape. O Acceptor of repentance; O Ever-Forgiving; O Great Bestower; O Cause of all causes; O Opener of doors (of relief and salvation); O You Who answers howsoever You are invoked. O Purifier; O Giver of manifold rewards; O Excuser; O Pardoner; O Light of all lights; O Director of all affairs; O Ever Blissful; O All-aware; O Protector; O Luminous; O Seer; O Supporter; O Great; O Lone; O Unique; O Everlasting; O Upholder; O Eternal and Absolute; O Sufficer; O Healer; O Fulfiller of promises; O Deliver: O Benefactor; O Beautifier; O Bestower of grace; O Grantor of favors; O Gracious;
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