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( Bache ki du'a )

(from Allama Iqbal's Baang-e d'ra)

On my lips, appears my heart's cry as a prayer

like a candle, may I shine, my Lord !

May I help undo the darkness in the world

and may the light within me brighten every place

May I bring dignity to my country

like a flower brings beauty to the garden

May I be in my life, like a night-moth

and revolve in love around the candle of knowledge

May I be dedicated to helping the poor

and may I love the sick and the old

Please, my Lord ! protect me from all evil

and guide my steps on the Right Path

(English translation by Nasir Shamsi)

Bache Ki Du'a

Lab pe aati hey du'a ban ke tamanna meri

zindagi sham'aa ki surat ho Khudaya meri

dur duniya ke mere dam se andhera ho jaaye

har jagha merey chamakne se ojala ho jaye

ho mere naam se mere watan ki zeenat

jis tarah phool se hoti hey chaman ki zeenat

zindagi ho meri parwane' ki surat ya Rabb

ilm ki sham'aa se ho mujh ko mohabbat ya Rabb

ho mera kaam gharibo(n) se mohabbat karna

dardmando(n) se zaeefo(n) se mohabbat karna

mere Allah ! Burai se bachana mujh ko

nek jo raah ho, us pe chalana mujh ko

( From Allama Iqbal's Baang-e D'ra )

Transliteration by Nasir Shamsi







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