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Knowledge Is Power

by Hashim Shamsi,14 Years, Leicester, UK

We need to reflect on the importance of knowledge and the power it beholds in helping us communicate the message of Imam Hussain (a)

To build up a nation, you need to do many things, but to advance the nation you need knowledge. Islam encourages us to gain knowledge and also to practice and spread this knowledge in fact.

The Holy Prophet (s) said: Utlub al-‘ilm min al-mahdi ilal-lahd

"Seek knowledge from the Cradle to the Grave",

What does this mean?  It means that throughout the whole of your life, from when we were born, to when we are nearing the end of our lives we should always seek knowledge. There is always more knowledge to learn.

Islam attaches so much importance to gaining knowledge that it has declared the path of knowledge and wisdom to be the path leading to Paradise.

During the Holy Prophet's time when there was a war with the enemies of Islam, some literate people were also captured as prisoners of war. The usual custom in those days was that prisoners of war were released only on the payment of ransom. However, the Holy Prophet always treated these literate prisoners well and agreed to set them free provided they taught at least ten Muslims how to read and write.

Amir al-Mu'minin (the Commander of the Faithful), Imam Ali (a) has emphasized the importance of education in these words: "The most valuable treasure is knowledge and wisdom and the worst misfortune is ignorance".

Imam Hussain (a) sacrifice is fundamentally important to the spread of the concept of justice, in order for us to successfully communicate and spread this message we have to establish personal credibility through demonstrating and explaining the truth about his sacrifice at a time when our beliefs are coming under constant attack.

Imam Hussain (a) had made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our right to continually achieve freedom of thought and acquisition of true knowledge.

 Knowledge indeed is  power!







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