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by By Dr.Khalid bin Abdul Aziz A-Jubair

1- Arterial Diseases.
2- Cardiomyopathy
3- Valvular lesion.
4- Arrhythmias.
5- Other diseases related to the heart and lungs.

1)Arterial Diseases:
 Recently, It has been proved by medical research beyond any doubt , that well-known specific factors cause arterial diseases. I went through more than 40 research papers dealing with the causes of arterial diseases, in addition to thousands of patients, whom I investigated, In conciusion following factors were probably responsible for arterial diseases.

1) smoking.

2) Fats.

3) Diabetes.

4) Hypertension

5) Intoxicants

6) Obesity

1) Smoking:
The first thing to say about smoking from Islamic stand point. It is unlawful. The majority of Muslim scholars adopted the ruling under the decisive and definite proofs about its fatal results, From the various statistics, it was found that, in Asia, every 10 minutes

It was found, according to the WHO,S  resowces, smoking is the number I killer in Euorpe, over 60 million people died of diseases due to smoking.

In our society, smoking is more dangerous than intoxicants and drugs for the following reasons:

1- It is always available in the market.

2- Most smokers are still not convinced about its being unlawful (haram)

3- The absence of laws prohibiting smoking in public places.

4- Because Fatwa about smoking as an unlawful practice is disregarded by many Muslims, who either took the habit and find it very difficult to break from or could not find the courage to promulgate the fatwa and enforce the prohibition.

Smoking is definitely responsible for arterial diseases. has proved that many of under 50-year-old patients will anterial disease were smokers and in whom no other cause was found .

Smoking, furthermore prompts arterial diseases in those who had already relating diseases like diabetes or hypertension . A person might clevelop the disease at the age of sixty if he were a non-smoker but being a smoker he would probaly arterial disease earlier, at the age of 35.

A warning:
Smoking is responsible for pulmonary diseases, arterio sclerosis, stomach diseases and dental diseases.
How to fight smoking:
The world Health Organization recommended the following measures in the campaign against smoking:

1- raising prices.
2- Smoking should be prohibited in public places .
3- Smoking should be prohibited for those under 18 from my from personal experience atand point my views on smoking are as follows.
4- 1-90% of patients with arterial diseases under 50 were smokers.

2- I never operated on any woman who was under 50, why? Women 20 years ago were non-smokers , unfortunately, recently, some women started to develop this bad habit.

3- All the patients who underwent arterial disease operations, and whose age was under 40 were all smokers.

4- Between 1400-1406(Hijris) not a single case of myocardial infarction was reported in the Military Hospital. Unfortunately, during the last 30 years, when the habit of smoking increased,so died the number of myocardial infarction. Also, valvular lesion operations increased.

5- Arterial disease patients usually develop other relating diseases such as pulmonary diseases, stomach diseases and arterials diseases. One(^[1] [1] )smoker-patient, who was 38 years old, had his right leg amputated, then a year and a half later, he had a cerebrovascular accident.

Most European countries started well-organized campaigns against smoking. For instance, in Canada a smoker is socially estranged-and smoking is prohibited in public places.

In America, recently a group of smoking -victims sued against cigarette producing companies. They won the case and the companies were obliged to pay them billions of dollars as compensation for the serious complications of smoking.
( How can you quit smoking?)
1- The first step is to believe beyond doubt that smoking is unlawful (Haram) according to the Islamic point of view; Then one should have the willful intention to quit it.
2- One should ask Allah in his supplication to help him quit this bad habit.
3- Replace the packet of cigarettes with a small pocket -size Quran.
Whenever you think about smoking, get your Quran and read as many verses as you can -Remember Allah's saying " Verily, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest"

( A story)
One smoker told me about his personal experience , he said " I have been smoking for 22 years , all my attempts to quit smoking failed . Then I turned to Allah for help. I kept on praying at night and asking Allah sincerely . At last I found my self strong enough to say " No to smoking".

1- Fats and cholesterol:
If you were afflicted with any disease, endure it patiently for Allah's sake. It is important for everyone who is over 25 to do at least every year, a thorough analysis to see whether the fats and cholesterol in his blood are normal .When he discovers that cholesterol is high in his blood he should refrain from fats, take suitable medication and practice a sport that suits his age. He should per necessity abstain from smoking.

The Quranic prescription:
In the Holy Quran there is a verse which is considered a preventive measure. If followed by Muslims, they would be immune against many abdominal diseases, It is: ".... Eat and drink but waste to not excess. For Allah loves not the waster" (chapter 7...31)
In the prophet's (PBUH) tradition there are also useful instructions on the subject of moderation in eating and drinking"
One whose father and mother are diabetic is susceptible to be diabetic too, therefore he should decrease the amount of sugar and carbohydrates in his meals to minimum in order to preserve the efficacy of his pancreas. But if didn't, he would be susceptible to Cleve lop the diseases in his 30s or 40s.

In general every diabetic should keep the sugar level in his blood under 200, because diabetes can affect eyes, kidneys feet, nerves, and the heart. A diabetic should always take his medication regularly and for life.

Some patients mistakenly get the idea that, when diabetes is controlled
, they can stop medication thinking they have been cured from diabetes.
The result would unfortunately be a replase and increase of the sugar in
the blood that might take a longer time to control.

Generally speaking, the dangers of hypertension are not fully understood by ordinary people, blood pressure can be divided according to the functional mechanism of the heart into systolic and diastolic.When the systolic pressure is high, it can affect the cerebral arteries.

If the diastolic pressure is high, it affects the cardiac muscle which
eventually weakens the heart function.

The harmful effect of intoxicant on the heart and body in general is well-known. When an intoxicant is taken arelly about 80% of it is normally taken into the blood-stream. The drug interferes with the
transport, absorption, and utilization of nutrients. Because the drinker tends to eat excessive substances containing fats. These fattyrusts fences would be digested and absorbed in the blood later on, they would affect the heart.

Palpitation is when the patient feels his heart beating.
The treatment of palpitation can be by medication or by cauterization or by transplanting a pace maker.
Many people ask about the mobile telephone and its effect on the heart if it is put in a pocket adjacent to it. In fact , the mobile telephone has no effect on the heart in this way. But it may have some effect on the pace maker if it is put in a pocket on the left side of the chest, However if person has a pace maker and some one else is talking on a mobile telephone nearby, he will not be affected.


Some medications used to control palpitation can undermine sexual ability, came goes for medications controlling hypertension. One should be aware of these side effects before taking medications.
1- Arteries.
2- Pulmonary Diseases.
3- Congenital anomaly.
4- Viral infections.
5- Intoxicants and Drugs.

Treatment of cardiomyopathy:
1- Medication
2- Transplanting a muscle taken from the shoulder and wsapping around the heart " not quite successful"
3- Cardiotomy re-construction.
4- Heart transplantation.
5- Prevention : avoiding all causes of cardiomypathy.
6- Arterial grafting.
1) Valvular lesion:
(N.B) A patient who has Qvalvular lesion should follow up the treatment, and should not hesitate if a surgical operation is the best option, otherwise , the complications can result in cardiac failure and
pulmonary hypertension.


(causes of valvular lesion)

The mouth is the gate through which food enters the body . In the mouth the teeth play a great role in the process of digestion, therefore when teeth are not taken care of properly the result will be dental decay which can affect the heart.
In the mouth, lives harmless germs which neither affect the body nor the mouth, therefore when swallowed they can be killed by the gastric acid in the stomach but if they enter the blood stream they can cause some diseases such as the valvular lesion. These germs can enter the body when there is gingivitis or when teeth are extracted.

One of the major reasons of vacuolar lesions is taking drugs through the vein which would result in tri cusped valve endocarditic.

Many drug intakes might suffer from Mitral valve incompetence which might course palpitation or regurgitation. The medication for such diseases is available ; one should not panic when he catches the disease; Relaxation is a very important factor for the recovery.



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