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Karbala is the city of Miracles. Even the cradle of the Infallible Imam Husayn (a.s.) was miraculous. On the birth of the younger Prince of the Infallible Sayyidah Fatima Zahra (s.a.) and the Commander of the Faithful, the Conqueror of Khyber, Imam Ali (a.s.)-Imam Husayn. When Arch-angel Jibra’eel was coming towards the Paradise house of the parents of Imam Husayn, Fitrus, an angel, was deprived of his wings, asked Jibra’il to take him for intercession from the Noble Prophet (s.a.w.a.s.). The Noble Prophet (s.a.w.a.s.) asked that let Fitrus touch his body to the cradle of Imam Husayn (a.s.). As soon as he touched it his wings were restored by Allah. So the Infallible Imam Husayn (a.s.) life is full of innumerable miracles, before and after his martyrdom.

Millions of Muslims from all over the world converge on Karbala and Najaf on the occasion of Ashura and Arba’in. Millions first go to Najaf, the resting place of the Commander of the Faithful, Imam Ali (a.s.) and then walk on foot to Karbala, which is about 80 Kilometers away. In between Najaf and Karbala, the local population arranges all sorts of comforts for the faithful. People either leaves their homes or shift to one room and leave the entire house for the walking faithful. Every type of food is prepared for a week to serve them. All types of entertainment like tea, coffee, cookies etc are provided along the route. In some cases, the locals even provide massage and hot water to comfort the feet of the walkers. Blankets, pillows and bed sheets are furnished in every house enroute to Karbala.  It is a miracle that Muslims of every age group, healthy or sick reaches the destination without any problem!  They are highly charged by the Love of the King of Martyrs, Infallible Imam Husayn (a.s.). This year, some people I know walked from Najaf to Karbala and they reported that after walking for 2 or 3 days in the daytime temperature of 60 degrees Fahrenheit, when they reached Karbala, there was no foul smell in their clothes. This is not less than a miracle!

The population of Karbala is about one million. This year, 2014, it is reported that about 45 million Muslims attended the Arba’in in Karbala. Is this not a miracle that a city with all sorts of resources of food, water, electricity, sanitation, communication could accommodate 45 million? While in Karbala, not a single Muslim sleeps hungry, thirsty or without a sleeping placeIs this not a miracle of 21st Century!

The Commander-in-Chief of Imam Husayn (a.s)’ small army on the day of Ashura was his brother Hazrat Abbas ibn Ali (a.s.). His shrine is about 500 meters from Imam Husayn (a.s.)’s shrine. There are numerous miracles at both the shrines. A few of the miracles of Hazrat Abbas (a.s.) are given below:

Hujjatulislam Syed Ahmad Qazavi narrates that on 26 Safar, 1417 A.H. late Ayatollah Shaikh Muhammad Ibrahim Najafi Broujardi said; “I was sitting in the holy shrine of Hazrat Abul Fazlil Abbas, and  saw that an Arab holding a boy of about 6 or 7 years old, apparently passed away, entered the holy shrine and said: “O Abbas ibn Ali! If you do not ask Allah to heal my son, I will complain to your father (Imam Ali) about this.” I was thinking to tell the man to address politely to Hazrat Abbas (a.s.). Momentarily, I saw that the boy opened his eyes and told his father to put him down!

Syed Ali Safavi reported from Mr. Harouni that one of the water carriers in Heyat used to provide water for kids during Ashura. He had a son who was paralyzed for 11 years. He narrates: “My son asked me where I was going? I told him. He said why don’t you take me with you and ask for my healing from God and your master (Hazrat Abbas). I took my son with me and decided to request for my son’s healing; otherwise I will tear off the water bag and stop providing water to the kids. Nothing happened and we returned home disappointed. We both were crying. I went in other room and slept but was awakened by the cries of my son: “Father come here, see your master helped me”. I went in the room and saw my son was standing! He said after you went away, I was crying and suddenly the room was bright and someone standing next to me and asked me to stand up, I said I cannot stand he said say “Abul Fazal” once and I stood up!


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