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What is Yaqeen (Certainty) in Islam ?
by Kamran Shamsi, Age 10, Leicester, UK

Yaqeen means to have certainty, to be sure, and it is a higher stage than eiman.

We are told that there is a God, have we seen Him ? When we read and learn, and when we are explained we get faith, and we believe that God then exists. Then we use our logic, we see that God must exist, we see His signs all around us, and we know through our intelligence that, yes there can only be one God, and He must exist. This is faith.

 When we have faith, we then try harder to obtain Allah's pleasure, we talk to Him from our prayers, we talk to Him when we are in need, and if we are sincere enough, if we mean what we say, we will feel His answer. Allah will talk to us. He will not talk to our ears, but will talk directly to our hearts.

 That is why when Imam Ali (A) was asked "Do you worship a God that you cannot see?" Imam (A) replied "No, I would never worship something that I can not see. I see Allah with my heart, not with my mind."

 This shows that when we reach the state of yaqeen, (Inshallah), we will know for a fact that Allah is there. We will have felt his presence everywhere, and we will be sure without doubt. Then Shaytan will not be able to put doubts in our head.

 This is why Yaqeen is such a high stage. One which can only be reached with patience, and understanding.

 When I think about this !

by Zain Shamsi, 12 years, Leicester, UK

In Muharram, we reassess our faith and practice both as individuals and as a community. There have been several majaalis every day and as mo’mineen we often say “I wish I was with you on that day Imam Hussain(a), so that I would also have achieved an exalted station”.

When we think this we have to strive to honestly believe that what we say is genuine and truthful.  We have to take a solemn oath and a firm commitment for life to devote ourselves wholeheartedly to Imam Husayn (a)’s mission. If we do not believe in what we say then our religion turns into a collection of empty rituals. Can we look into our hearts and say with confidence that if we travelled back in time to the days of Yazid, we would denounce him and steadfastly stand by Imam Husayn (a)? And we would not hesitate for a moment to sacrifice our worldly comforts and our lives for him?

When I think about this, I have to look at myself and see how close my life style is to the teachings of Islam. I want to strive to be among the muttaqin who abstain from all ill deeds as stated in the Qur'an? Do I always speak the truth? Do I try to cover other people's sins? Do I respect other people's feelings and do not hurt them? Do I treat my brothers and friends with Haq and Sabr?

For the Imam (a) laid his life to preserve the true spirit of Islam and protect basic human rights for all time to come. I wish and pray that the Almighty Allah gives us the courage and the strength to face challenges of the world and live up to the expectations of our beloved Prophet and Masumeen (Peace be upon them). Unless our endeavors do match, the statement I quoted is totally meaningless. May Allah grant us guidance to recognize the spiritual learning and religious spirit, that these Ashura Muharram is meant to convey.







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