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Newsletter for January 2008

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How To Get Whatever You Want in 3 Steps
by Peter Murphy 

1. Define a Precise Goal

This is not rocket science. State what you 
do want and be specific about it. e.g. I 
work 40 hours a week to earn $100,000 a 
year. Another example - I have an enjoyable, 
active social life and meet friends three 
evenings a week.

2. Follow a Proven Strategy

This is easier than it seems at first.

Simply follow the lead of people who have 
already achieved what you want.

For example, if you want to make more 
friends - find someone who knows a lot of 
people and ask him how he does it. There is 
no need to reinvent the wheel.

3. Let Go of Blocks to Success

This is the stumbling block that stops 
sincere, smart, hard working people from 
having all that they want.

Until you let go of your internal blocks to 
having it all you will struggle to have more 
happiness, wealth and better relationships.
So let go of the stumbling blocks.

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