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Bahlool once arrived at Haroon’s palace and found him drinking wine. Haroon wanted to cover up his vice; hence he asked this question to him:
“Is it haram if one were to eat grapes?”
“Certainly not.” Replied Bahlool.
“How it is if one is to drink water after eating grapes?” asked Haroon.
“Nothing wrong in it.” Replied Bahlool.
“Is there anything wrong if after eating grapes and drinking water, one were to sit in the sun?”further questioned Haroon.
“Not at all.” Replied Bahlool.
Bahlool understood what the drunkard caliph was driving at. After pausing for a while, Bahlool asked following questions:
“If a little earth were to be put over the head of someone, what harm would it cause to him?”
“No harm.” replied Haroon.
“If then a little water were to be added to that earth?” asked Bahlool.
“No harm also.” replied Haroon.
“If bricks were to be made by mixing earth and water and then strike his head with it, what would happen?” asked Bahlool.
“His head would burst and blood comes out.” Replied Haroon.
Bahlool thereafter argued that just as earth and water mixed together could cause severe harm to one’s head, similarly, water and grapes when converted into the form of wine would cause much harm and misery to man. Hence the prohibition of wine in Islamic Sharia!
The Noble Prophet (s.a.w.a.s.) said: “Alcohol is a collection of sins.”
Obviously, one is likely to commit any sort of sins when in senseless condition under the influence of alcohol or for that matter any intoxicant. The number of ghastly crimes committed today under the influence of intoxicants is a prima facie evidence of its evil effects.
Abu Hanifa was once giving lectures to his disciples and disclosed to them his disagreement with three things Infallible Imam Jaffer al-Sadiq (a.s.) had been teaching.
Firstly: Shaitan would go to Hell. How this could happen when Shaitan himself was created from fire and how could fire burn fire?
Secondly: God is not to be seen. Why could we not see God when everything in existence is seen?
Thirdly: Everyone is responsible for his action and not Allah. Experience shows the opposite; that every action of man is caused by God; man has no control over it.
When Bahlool heard about this, he picked up a lump of mud and threw it at the forehead of Abu Hanifa. He tried to run away but the disciples of Abu Hanifa arrested him. They dragged him before the Caliph and lodged a complaint.
Bahlool asked Abu Hanifa: “What are you’re complaining about me?”
“My head pains as a result of the lump of mud you threw at me.” Replied Abu Hanifa
“Show me the pain” Asked Bahlool
“How could the pain, which is invisible, be shown” Replied Abu Hanifa
“But you yourself had argued before your disciples that what is in existence is possible to be seen. That lump of mud has injured you is also untrue. According to your belief, how could something made of mud and earth injure and cause pain to man who is also made of earth? You had also argued that whatever actions committed by man are caused by Allah.

Therefore, why complain against me for hitting you?” Concluded Bahlool
Abu Hanifa was dumbfounded and withdrew his complaint!
It was a lesson of Tauheed as expounded by AhlulBayt (a.s.) of the Noble Prophet (s.a.w.a.s.) but presented in a practical way by Bahlool.
In his farewell sermon, the Prophet (s.a.w.a.s.) of Islam reminded his followers that they would never go astray should they follow what he was leaving behind for them:
“Verily, I am leaving behind among you that which if you take hold of, you will never go astray: The Book of Allah (The Glorious Qur’an) and my Progeny (Ahlul Bayt)
Source: Bahlool Dana









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