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- by Nour Elshazly [10 years]

Too much to bear
September 11 is a day of tears
Still I hear their souls in my ears.
A lot of people are dead!
Growing fear is what we dread.
A lot of people are hurt
Many are covered in dirt.
Can I say to the families that are grieving, This is not what I believe in?
We were created to love and help each others Terror drives a wedge even between brothers.
Did they learn what I learned ?
That God's anger, they have earned ?
I want to wipe the tears from each and every victim's eyes and say " I'm sorry, it's not our faith.
I hope you realize. "
I'm only a child, you see,
and not much can be done by me.
I hope hate will go away,
And people realize the error of their way.*

( Published in the ICNA's weekly )
courtesy: Aqeela Naqvi, NJ





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