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by Shamoon Husain 


Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) very famous and unanimously accepted authentic Hadith Husaino Minni Wa Ana Min Husain (Husain is with me and I am with Husain) says it all about the role of Imam Husain in saving Islam from being hijacked within 50 years of Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) passing away from this mortal world.

Imam Husain’s unimaginable sacrifices to save the human values and human dignity and bring positive change in our lives makes us realize the truth of the fact that if we have nothing to die for, we have nothing to live for. Since all the Prophets from Adam to Muhammad (PBUH), preached the same message, Imam Husain (AS)’s refusal to make Ba’ya (paying allegiance or giving vote of approval) to the despotic ruler “Caliph” Yazid played a crucial role in saving their hard work and sacrifices too. The lessons of history of Karbala written by the blood and thirst of Imam Husain and his 71 relatives and companions just 50 years after the departure of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) from this world serve as a poignant reminder for eternity that truth, freedom and justice should never bow down to worldly greed, falsehood, terrorism and injustice. In other words, Imam Husain (AS) accepted highest form of martyrdom (Shahadat) by refusing to give Yazid the license to change the face of Islam from a religion of peace, security and submission to Allah (SWT) to the face of Islam propagated by the hypocrites, known nowadays as radical Islam.

Imam Husain's statement that his companions (As-haab) were more loyal to him than Prophet  Muhammad (PBUH) As-Haab were loyal to him can easily be understood by the fact that Imam Husain's companion not only did not abandon him but sacrificed their lives in Karbala despite the fact that Imam Husain(AS) allowed them without condition to leave him alone to offer his life. On the other hand some of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) companions (AsHaab-e Rasool) aborted the Jahad by climbing on the mountains and left Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) alone to face the enemy in the battle of Ohad while Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was calling them to come back according to verse of Quran ???.  In fact, the misconception that all as-Habe Rasool were just and pious and must be revered is baseless on the above and other historical accounts; such as, some of them killed and made the life miserable of others, based upon some of the following facts:

 Abu Dharr, the second highest ranking Companion of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) (Sahabi) after Salman was forced to spend last years of his life in a desert without food etc during the time of Uthman Bin Affan's Khilfat.

 Ammaar Bin Yasir who was in the army of Imam Ali (AS) in the Battle of Siffyeen was martyred by the army of Mawiyyah despite the fact that it was a common knowledge based upon authentic narration of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) that prophesized the fact that a rebel group will kill Ammaar Bin Yasir.

History records that peace-loving people of different religions, race and ideologies (eg. Jon, a person from African, Hur, a top-ranking military officer of tyrant” Caliph” Yazid’s Army, Zohair Bin Quayn, a devout associate of 3 rd Caliph Othman) knowing Imam Husain (AS)’s truth, lofty principles and piety, sacrificed their lives with him.

Conversely, for the support of peace, freedom and justice the wife and son of Yazid abandoned him for his heinous and terrorist acts despite the fact that he was the ruler of a very large Muslim Empire. They knew that Yazid just like his grandfather Au Sufyan was a Munafiq (hypocrite).This fact came to light when he openly denounced Islam after the Shahadat of Imam Husain (AS), disrespected the ladies of Holy Household of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and attacked and destructed Kaba and Masjid Al Nabavi.

Imam Husain (AS)’s salvation of Islam and human dignity is still remembered, mostly in the Islamic lunar month of Moharram especially on the days of Ashoora and Arbayeen by hundreds of millions of peace-loving people all over the world of all religions and races. Gatherings called the Majalis and the processions established by Imam Husain (AS)'s sister Zaynab daughter of Imam Ali (AS) and Imam Husain (AS)'s son Imam Zayn al-Abedeen (AS) are the source of learning the authentic teachings of Islam and character-building. The tears and chest-beating of hundreds of millions of people and their willingness to accept hardship for the remembrance of an incident like it that took place 1400 years ago on a far away land reminds about its miraculous nature. It is indeed Allah's (SWT) way of keeping the remembrance of Imam Husain alive per (???) because he sacrificed everything he had to make Allah's remembrance alive.

The purpose of Imam Husain's stand against Yazid was to save the Islam from being hijacked by Yazid and people like him. With that lofty goal Imam Husain (as) along with only 72 members comprised of his family, close relatives, friends and the peace-loving people of different faith, such as, newly-wed Christian Wahab al Kalabi and his bride, and people of different countries, such as, Jon chose to confront a minimum of 30,000 strong Yazid's army knowing that their mission is more important than their lives. This tragic incident took place on Aashoorah- the 10th day of Moharram, the 1st month of Islamic calendar initiated by Yazid's army at his order. At Yazid's order his army tortured and humiliated the family of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) including his granddaughters and little children but by patience and moral courage they won the hearts and minds of the whole world. Thus, Imam Husain is the voice of humanity and the leader of the modern day champions of human rights, such as, Gandhi, Mandella and Martin Luther King.


The martyrdom of Imam Husain, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad as prophesized by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is the most tragic yet awakening incident for all human beings.

In commemoration of this tragic event thousands of million peace-loving people in general and the Shia Muslims in particular, all over the world gather to re-energize their faith on Islam, learn and remind the teachings of Islam , lament, shed tears, beat their chests every year. This centuries old tradition of remembering Imam Husain's sacrifices for saving authentic teachings of Islam by itself is a miracle because no one, how closely related he/she may be, shed the tears for a tragic incident that took place over1300 years ago. This cannot happen until there is a spiritual bond with the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and his noble progeny on one hand and the passion for defending human values and human dignity. Indeed, it is Allah's plan to keep the authentic teachings of Islam alive and to give a message to the hypocrites that the un-Islamic ideologies, such as, wahabism and salafism taught by so called scholars, such as, Ibne Taymiyyah and Ibne Wahab are short lived; as the snakes; shown by Pharaoh (Firaun) magicians in front of Mosses's miraculous snake. This type of ideology also known as Radical Islam; is nothing to do with Islam because there is no room for radicalism and terrorism in Islam.



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