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the Message Continues i/65   -   Newsletterfor  January 2007

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Prophet Isa (Jesus)

(excerpt from the late Dr. Syed Haider Hussain Shamsi's English translation of his father, Syed Muhammad Hussain Shamsi's  book: "The Prophets of Islam").

Isa (jesus)-may Allah's peace be on him-was the last prophet appointed by Allah for Bani Israil. They defied his teachings and denied his legitimacy. In collaboration with the Roman governor of Palestine, the Jews had him framed for treason, that was punishable by crucifixion. However Allah saved him from death by crusifixion.  His teachings were adapted by other subjects of the Roman empire which laid the foundations of Christianity. 

The Birth of Isa (Jesus) 

Maryam, the mother of Isa was dedicated in the service of Bait-ul Muqqadas and used to live in a cubicle assigned to her for her residence. One day an angel of Allah appeared to her in her cubicle and told her that Allah had willed that she be the mother of a great prophet. Maryam was frightened at seeing the angel in front of her in the form of a young man, and more so on leaming that she would be a mother without ever having been married. The angel told her not to be afraid and to trust in Allah. He is the Creator of all things, and has ways and means of creating any thing whenever He wills. 

When Maryam found herself to be pregnant, she left her cubicle in the grand mosque and made her way into the desert. Isa was bom in the solitude of the desert. The new mother sat under a palm tree with ber baby son, feeling distraught and dejected at her predicament. The angel appeared to her again and told her that she should not feel so low at her present condition, for Allah is the greatest Provider and Sustainer. He told her to shake the palm tree and enough dates would fall in her lap for her sustenance, and she could drink fresh water from a spring that came out by her side. The angel also told her," When the people ask you about the baby, say nothing; point towards him and he will bear witness to the Will of Allah and he will talk on her behalf." 

The Miraculous Speech by the Infant Isa (Jesus) 

As Maryam returned to Bait-ul Muqqadas, the rabbi blocked her way saying that she had no room in the place of worship. When she turned around, a crowd had gathered around her. Curious and agitated, they wanted to know who was the father of the baby.  She did as instructed by Allah, and pointed towards the infant. They all laughed at this and said how could a new bom answer their questions.  However, Isa spoke up with the permission of Allah and said, "I am a servant of Allah.  He has appointed me as prophet amongst you and am the bearer of the Book (Injeel). Allah has granted me bounties of benevolence and made me obedient to my mother.  I will worship Allah and obey all His laws for as long as I live. " He became quiet after that. The people were dumb founded at this miracle and they dispersed. The stories of this supernatural event remained in circulation for a long time. 

The controversies over the Virgin Birth of Isa (Jesus) 

The Jews consider Isa (Jesus) to be an illegitimate child of Maryam. The Christians consider him the son of God. Allah says He is neither a husband nor a father. He is the Creator and Sustainer of all things.  He settled the controversy over the birth of Isa in al Qur'an: " Verily, for Allah the circumstances over the birth of Isa are no different from those surrounding the origin of Adam. He created Adam from no parents at all, while Isa had a mother. He just has to will some thing to happen, and it materializes at once. He would raise the dead from their graves on the Day of Judgement by His Divine Will, for He is All Powerful and Magnificient. "  

The Prophethood of Isa (Jesus) and his Miracles 

Isa was thirty years of age when he began to receive Divine Revelations and started to teach Banu Israil the commandments of Allah. He showed them great miracles that indicated the grandeur of Allah. He made birds from the mud and made them fly. He healed the leppers, he gave vision to the blind, he brought back life to the dead and fed thousands from a mere loaf of bread, all with the permission of Allah. He confirmed the truth of Torah and affirmed the ordinances of halal (permitted) 6nd haram (prohibited) and revised certain canonical laws to suit the circumstances of that society. He called upon the rabbis of Bait-ul Muqqadas to clear it from all trading activities and clean it up for the worship of Allah.  He met with the stubborn antagonism from his people except for a handful of true believers. He had twelve disciples, or companions (also known as the twelve apostles of Jesus) who followed him wherever he went and assisted him in his teachings. 

Bani Israil did not approve the teachings of Isa and collaborated with the Roman governor of the land to get rid of him. 

The Occultation of Isa (Jesus)

One of the companions of Isa betrayed him and handed him over to the government agents who were seeking to arrest Isa for treason. The Roman governor and Banu Israil believed that they had crucified Isa.  Some of his followers thought that he was taken down from the cross before he actually died on the cross. The controversy still continues. Allah clarifies this in al Qur'an that it is a waste of time even to conjecture on the nature of Isa or what happened to him after his arrest by the Romans. He was niether crusified nor did he die on the cross.  Allah withdrew him from amongst his blood thirsty enemies and raised him to the heaven. 

References : al Qur'an: Sura AleImran, Nisaa'.  Maidah, An'am, Matiyam, Anmbiya' Momenun, Zakhraf, Hadeed, Saa Faa, Tahreem.

The book " The Prohets of Islam " is being used in many Sunday Islamic Schools in America, as an authentic source of information on the lives of the Prophets. You can receive a copy by writing to Al-huda Foundation.The book can also be read online in the Book Section of the website.






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