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The Infallible Imam Husayn (a.s.) was the son of the Gateway of Knowledge, the Gateway of Wisdom, the Commander of the Faithful Imam Ali (a.s.). His sayings are numerous, some of the selected ones are:

1.      Wisdom never attains perfection except by following the truth (obeying the commandments of Allah).

2.      One who loves you prevents you from all evils, while your enemy persuades you to commit wrong and evil.

3.      Act in this world like a person who knows that he will be rewarded for virtuous deeds and punished for sins and crimes.

4.      One who annoys Allah to please people, Allah leaves him to the people.

5.      One who accepts your gift has really helped you in attaining generosity.

6.      One who removes troubles from a believer, Allah expels troubles from him in this world and in the Hereafter.

7.      Do not seek help from anyone except the one who is religious, or generous, or of noble descent (parentage)

8.      One who is generous may attain greatness and he who is miser becomes miserable.

9.      The most generous person is one who helps the despondent, who does not expect any help from others.

10.  Compete for virtuous deeds and hasten to seize opportunities for honorable deeds.

11.  The most forgiving person is the one who forgives despite his ability to punish.

12.  Donít speak about your brother behind his back except you like to be spoken about you behind your back.

13.  A salaam (greetings) has seventy virtues, sixty-nine of which are for the one who is first to greet, whereas only one award is for the one who replies (to your salaam).

14.  Do not allow anyone to enter or speak to you if he does not greet you or wish you salaam.

15.  A miser behaves miserly even in greeting salaam to others.

16.  What has he obtained who lost You O God? And what has he lost who found You?

17.  People are slave of this world. They revolve around religion if their materialistic needs are well provided; but when they face difficulties, tests and trials, very few people prove to be steadfast.

18.  God initiated commanding the good and forbidding the evil as a compulsory duty for us, as He knows that if these two duties are well performed and established, then all other Divine duties whether difficult or easy, shall be established as well; and this this commandment and forbiddance shall invite people to Islam, and secured the rights of the wronged people as well as arouse opposition against tyrants and transgressors.

19.  A nation, which buys the goodwill of the people at the cost of annoying the Creator, can never be happy and fortunate.

20.  To argue with one who is unable to think reasonably, is an indication of oneís ignorance.

21.  Beware of oppressing a person, who finds no one to revenge against you except the God the Mighty and Majestic.




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