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This sura comprehensively conveys the objectives of Holy Qur’an. It highlights the qualities of those who will not be at a loss in this world. The three verses are as follows:


       Wal Asr

      Innal Insaana La Fi Khusr

      Lazina Aamano Wa Amelos Saalehaat Wa Tawasau Bil Haqqe Wa Tawasau Bissabr

      By Time

      Indeed, mankind is in loss


      Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each       other to truth and advised each other for patience

The Qur’an says that the humanity is at a loss except those who possess following attributes:

Belief (b) Virtuous deeds (c) calling people towards Truth (d) calling for Patience

Life is slowly spent away in unproductive activities like ice melts away if not preserved. So the sooner a man realizes the purpose of his creation the better. Imam Ali (A) said “Every breath of a man is one step nearer to his death”

Moderation in every activity is the cardinal principle of Islam.

The word Asr means age or time. It is used in a mystic way. There have been many interpretations of this word. Some commentators say that it refers to the time of our Holy Prophet, yet others say it refers to the time of re-appearance of our Imam Mehdi. Any way they belong to the Sacred

Chain of Ahlul Bait. Who ever follow their guidelines shall climb the heights of spiritual bliss. Those who reject them will be at a loss.

Belief is manifested from a man’s appearance and deeds like a lamp illuminates not only the room but also its rays are visible from outside. Those who believe may include every believer to the extent of the strength of his conviction or faith. Those who are referred here to the fullest application of the term “believe” will be those who possessed several great qualities as mentioned in the Holy Qur’an and they are Ahlul Bayt.

As regards the preaching of the Truth, the Ahlul Bayt were fully conversant with it. The Holy Prophet had said “I and Ali are one and the same light”and “Ali is always with the Truth and the Truth will always be with Ali”. The preaching of Truth needs knowledge about it and the Holy

Prophet said “I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its gate”. The Holy Prophet also said “I leave behind me two weighty (very important) things: The Holy Qur’an and my Ahlul Bayt, if you are attached to these two, you shall never get astray”.

The Holy Prophet said that one should practice virtuous deeds himself first before calling others to do good deeds. As far as enjoining the patience is concerned, the preachers themselves must possess the quality of patience to the maximum degree possible. The Ahlul Bayt suffered untold miseries, imprisonments, torture and massacre at Karbala in case of Imam Hussain. All the eleven Imams did not die of natural cause but were murdered either by poison or by sword.









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