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Following are the sayings of the Holy Prophet (P) praising Imam Ali (AS):

Allah (S) had created Ali and me from light (noor) in front of the Arsh about 2,000 years.

Our noor traveled through pure forefathers till it reached Abdul Mutallib from where it split into my father, Abdullah and Abu Talib to Ali . Then again our noor combined into Fatima. Hence Hasan and Hussain are made by the Divine noor.

I am from Ali and Ali is from me. After me he is the Vali of every faithful (momin).

There were three most truthful persons in the nations; one was Habib Najjar, momin of

Aal-e-Yaseen, other was Khazqeel, momin of Aal-e-Firoun, and Ali ibne Abi Talib

and he is superior to the other two.

Ya Ali, according to Islam, you are the first Muslim, according to faith (Iemaan), you are the first faithful (Momin). To me you are as Haroon was to Musa.

Ali will arrive at the Fountain of Kausar before any one.

Whoever tortures Ali, will be raised as a Jew or Christian on the Day of Judgment.

I am the Warner and Ali is the Guide

On the Night of Ascension (Mairaaj), I saw writing on the Arsh “There is no god but Allah, Mohammad is his Messenger and I helped him through Ali”

Ali’s example among people is like that of Sura Tauheed in Holy Qur’an.

Ali’s friendship and love eats away sins as fire consumes wood.

I am the city of knowledge and Ali is its gate and whoever is in pursuit of knowledge should enter through the gate.

Ali’s right over Muslims is the same as the right of a father over his son.

Ali is the top judge among Muslims.

Ali’s friend is my friend and Ali’s enemy is my enemy and my enemy is Allah’s enemy.

Hypocrite will not be a friend of Ali and Faithful (Momin) will not be his enemy.

Whoever curses Ali curses me.

Looking at the face of Ali is ibaadat.

Your flesh is my flesh and my flesh is your flesh.

If Allah would not create Ali, there would be no one equivalent to marry Fatima.

O’Ali, you will be the distributor of Heaven and Hell on the Day of Judgment

After me there will be chaos, but you should follow Ali.

My Ahlul Bayt among you is like the boat of Noah, whoever boarded will be successful.

If a person prays for the time of Noah’s age, if he has gold equal to the weight of the mount of Uhad and he gives it away as charity, and if he could have time to perform one thousand Hajj and if he is murdered between the Mounts of Safa and Merwa, but he does not love Ali then he will not even smell the scent of Paradise.

Whoever recites Salawaat on me and Ali will enter Paradise.

 If people would have agreed on the love and friendship of Ali, Hell would not be created.

Ali and his shias will be enjoying the blessings of Allah inParadise.

Ali is the best among your men, and his sons Hasan and Hussain are the best among your youth, and Fatima is the best among your women.

 Ali’s blow of Zulfiqar on Amr ibne Abdu Wudd in the Battle of Khandaq is superior to the prayers of men and jinn till the Day of Judgement.

 Of whomever I am the ‘Maula’, Ali is also his ‘Maula’

I am leaving behind two very important and heavy things; one is the Holy Qur’an and the other is my Ahlul Bayt. If you follow them you will be successful. They will not be separated till they arrive at the Fountain of Kausar.








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