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Newsletter for August 2010



Herbal juices

neem%20leaves Neem juice: A liver stimulant that also purifies blood. Good for Diabetes, Chronic fever, cough, Dysentery and Skin diseases.

karela Karela juice: A natural Pancreas stimulant: good for Diabetes, Indigestions, and Chronic fever.

tulasi Tulasi & Pudina juice:Good for heart, cold, cough, Asthma, and controls Cholesterol; purifies blood.

ginger Ginger & Lime juice: Good for digestion, Gas troubles, cold, cough, and throat infections.

amla Amla juice: Rich in vitamin C; useful for eye, Hair & Heart, good appetite, acidity, and Petic Osteo Arthritic Gynaecological problem. Helps in stopping white hair growth and rejuvenation therapy.

kokam Kokam juice (Garcinia indica): Good for skin diseases, reduces acidity and useful in absorbing summer heat.

jamun,%20the%20blackberry Jamun juice (Black berry): Good digestive drink: specially good for diabetics; controls burning sensations, boils, and skin problems.

carrot Carrot juice: Rich with vitamin A and nutrition for health and eyesight.

bel-patra%20leaves Belpatra juice (Aegle Marmelos): Good for Diabetes, stone problem, and Joint pains.


beet%20root Beet Root juice: Helps increasing Hemoglobin and purifies blood. Good for weakness and eyesight.


wheat%20grass Wheat Grass juice: Good for Blood Pressure (High & Low), acidity, Asthma, Piles, and Anemia etc.






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