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                                                                                                            PROPHET LUQMAN (a)

 Excerpt from the late Dr. Haider Hussain Shamsi's English translation of

" The Prophets of Islam ".
Luqman was a great wise man of Allah. He is famous for laying down the principles of high quality of human conduct and wisdom.

His Great Personal Conduct .....

He believed in the Oneness of Allah and obeyed His commandment with honesty and commitment. He was a great observer and thinker. He avoided sleeping during the day, and would not sit back in comfortable posture when he had company.

He was so mannerly that no one ever saw him spitting. He avoided joking, and laughing lest it would displease Allah. He neither rejoiced over achieving something nor grieved over losing it. He always helped to settle differences between parties. He preferred to sit amongst gatherings of the wise and remained silent unless spoken to. He carefully watched the conduct of the rulers.

Allah had bestowed upon him the gift of wisdom and insight about the affairs of people. Allah ordained him to be always thankful, for "Whosoever denies His blessings does so only to his own peril. "

He gave an eternal guidance to humanity in the form of advice to his son which is stated in Qur'an. On The Great Sin of Polytheism "O son, be careful, never associate any one with Allah because it is a grave sin and there is no forgiveness for it."

On Thankfulness to Allah for His Benevolence, and On The Rights of Parents, and Their Obedience " O son, be humble and charitable towards your parents". Thank Allah first for all that He has granted you without your asking for it, and then thank your parents for the kindness they showed you, when you were helpless.

"If the parent are polytheistic and force you to follow them in their faith, do not obey them in this respect, but without causing any harm to them. Continue to serve them with good conduct. Be kind to them even if they are wrong.

Careful and Cautious Conduct.....

He continued his advice: "O son, Your deeds , good or bad, and in any amount, are accountable on the Great Day of Reckoning. Your reward or punishment will depend on the quality of your conduct.

"Do not slumber when you should be awake and stand in worship of your Lord.
Learn to bear in the times of deprivation, for Allah rewards those who show contentment and forbearance.

"Do not exhibit arrogance as you walk or talk, as Allah does not consider arrogance to be an appropriate behavior amongst human beings. "Show moderation in your attire and adornments. "Talk in low tone, because the loud and the crude tone belongs to the ass."

References: al Qur'an: Sura Luqman.




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