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Interfaith Dialogue
Muslim Community V Host Community
by Iftikhar Ahmad

Muslim Community teaches its offspring that animals like
dog, puppy, pig and piglet are unclean and keep away from
them for cleanliness. On the other hand the host community
indoctrinates its offspring with love of dog, puppy, pig
and piglet. When a Muslim innocent child starts multicultural
Nursery or reception class, he is exposed to beautiful
colored books and pamphlets having images of such animals,
which are very much appealing to him. He is exposed to the
values and norms different from Islamic values, traditions
and culture. He attends a school with a mother tongue, which
is not English. He is being given the impression that his
language is a piece of rubbish and has no value. His cultural
background is backward and he is going to be made a modern
civilized entity having nothing to do with his parents and
their way of life. His mind is unconsciously indoctrinated
and brainwashed by peer group under the supervision and
control of a middle class white teacher. The end result of
all those processes is that he starts suffering from
identity crises hindering his mental, emotional and
personality development.

The process of inter faith dialogue has been going on in
multicultural state schools and it is the Muslim children
who have suffered and are going to suffer. Recent riots in
inner cities and vandalism on the cricket pitches are clear
examples of the fruits of interfaith dialogue. On 30th of
June 2001, the Interfaith Dialogue Center is organizing a
conference on Islam and Christianity to make the Muslim
community aware that its next generation is growing up
without Islamic culture and Urdu language. Majority of
Muslims living in West is from Pakistan growing up in an
alien culture without any knowledge of their literature
and poetry which is in Urdu language. The number of Muslim
youth in prison is on the increase. Unemployment, divorce
rate, drug addiction and problems of run away Muslim girls
is on the increase. Majority of Muslim pupils leaves schools
with low grades or without any qualification. The process
has been going on for the last 40 years. The Muslim community
does not need a conference but positive steps in the field of education based on the needs and demands of the Islamic faith, culture and language which has been intentionally neglected and ignored by policy makers at DFEE and LEAs