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" Devotion to God* for a Muslim is a genuine effort to be a socially  and politically responsible person. This responsibility empowers the  individual to choose a proactive way of life to make this earth a better  place to live, not just for himself (herself), but for all mankind. "



"Those whose hearts are enlightened with love and kindness and have  placed their trust in God are all like members of one body. Any time a  member of this body is inflicted with pain, the remaining members cannot  rest in peace."
Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.)

"Overwhelm your enemies with love and kindness." Qur'an 41:34; 29:46, 60:8

Loving devotion to God* is a beautiful spiritual state of mind and a proactive way of life. It is the Divine guided, beautiful journey from darkness into light, to engage in the righteous deeds and promote peace and prosperity for all mankind. (Refer to 2:257)

 "God sends His blessings on you, as do His angels, to lead you out of darkness into light."/ (33:43)

Devotion to God* for a Muslim is a genuine effort to be a socially and politically responsible person. This responsibility empowers the individual to choose a proactive way of life to make this earth a better place to live, not just for himself (herself), but for all mankind.

Love of God* is the fundamental aspect of the religion of Islam. It is a beautiful feeling of closeness to God. It empowers you to feel good about yourself. Those who are devoted to God out of love and not fear always find the righteous path in life that is most pleasing to God.

"...Those who believe are intense in their love for Allah."/ (2:165)

It pleases God to help the needy, the underprivileged and the homeless, and to feed the hungry person. In other words, help to heal the pain and suffering of those who are not as fortunate.

"Faithful are those who keep their promise and commitment to God and have devoted their lives to God, indeed God loves those who are lovingly devoted to their creator."/ (Paraphrased 3:76)

"O believers! If you ever abandon your faith, Allah will bring other people whom He loves and who love Him. Those who are humble toward believers and stern against those who reject the righteous path, and striving hard in the way of Allah, not fearing the blame of anyone. Such is the grace of God, which he grants unto whom he will. Allah encompasses all, and knows all things."/ (5:54)

Those who are lovingly devoted to God, always choose the path that pleases God.

"...Indeed, the most honored of you in the sight of God is he (she) who is lovingly devoted to God." (Paraphrased 49:13)

 To help the needy is to worship God:
"It is not righteousness for you to turn your faces to the East and the West; But righteousness is he (she) who believes in Allah, the day of  judgment, the angels, the scripture and the prophets; and gives away his wealth, that is dear to him, to kinsfolk, orphans, and the needy, the wayfarer, to those who ask, and to set the slaves free; and observes proper worship and pays alms (Zakat). And those who keep their promise when they make one, and are patient in tribulation, adversity, and time of stress. Such are those who are lovingly devoted to God." (Paraphrased 2:177)

To love family members is devotion to God:* Family life and love of family members is the foundation of the Islamic way of life.

"Among God's signs is that: God created for you spouses from among yourselves that you may find tranquility in them, and ordained between you love, and mercy. Herein are signs for folks who reflect."/ (30:21)

Devotion to God means to be humble:* Only those who are humble have the honor and the privilege to be close to God. The arrogant people are the lost souls and deprive themselves of the compassion, guidance and mercy of Allah. (Refer to 2:257)

"...We sent a messenger to recite to you Our revelations, to purify you, and teach you the Book and wisdom and to teach what you did not know. Therefore, remember and worship your Lord, and your Lord will remember you, and do not reject the righteous path."/ (2:151-152)

"...Bow down in adoration and be humble in order to have the honor to be close to God."/ (Paraphrased 96:19)

Commitment to truth and justice is devotion to God:  It is the responsibility of every Muslim to stand up for truth and justice.

 "O believers! Be steadfast on your devotion to God as witnesses on the side of truth, and let not hatred of any people mislead you away from justice. Uphold justice, that is your duty to Allah. Indeed Allah is aware of your actions." (5:8)

To Love the almighty God, is to love all mankind:* Muslims are taught to love and honor all people regardless of race, religion, gender, or national origin.

God has created mankind in the most beautiful complexion, and gifted him (her) with that of His Spirit./ (Paraphrased 40:64, 64:3, 32:9, 95:4, 32:7)

"...Allah loves them (all mankind) and they love Allah." (5:54)

"...Indeed, God is most compassionate and kind toward all mankind." (22:65, Refer to 42:19)

 God loves those who purify themselves:* The human body is a gift from God and we must treasure this gift. We must keep our body clean and pure from all contaminants, including drugs, alcohol and other harmful substances.

 "Pray only in those places of worship that are built by those who have chosen the righteous path. And are inclined to purify themselves. Indeed God loves all who purify themselves." (9:108)

Human life is sacred:* The life of a person, any person, is highly sacred and precious in Islam.

"...We prescribed to the children of Israel that anyone who kills any person without due process and justice shall be as if he had killed all mankind. Anyone who saves even one life shall be as if he had saved all mankind." (5:32)

"Nor take any life, which God has made sacred, except by way of justice and law. This is God's instruction that you must act with justice, compassion and wisdom." (6:151)

Self-inflicted harm to body, or suicide is forbidden in Islam, and it is considered disobedience to God and a great sin.

"...Nor kill (or destroy) yourself; for God has been merciful to you." (4:29)

"Indeed We bestowed dignity upon the children of Adam..." (17:70)

Message of love and kindness for all mankind:* Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) brought the message of love, compassion, and kindness not just for Muslims, but for all mankind.

"We sent you (Muhammad) to be a fine example of compassion and mercy for all mankind."/ (21:107)

 Respect for followers of other religions:* There is no such thing as exclusivity in Islam. In other words, unlike the teachings of most other religions, people do not have to adhere to Islamic principles to achieve salvation and be saved. According to the Islamic teachings God treats the followers of all religions equally.

"Those who believe, including those who are Jews, Christians, and Sabean who believe in Allah and hereafter, and lead a righteous life, and engage in good deeds, surely God will reward them, and no fear or sadness shall come upon them."/ (2:62)

Islam even recognizes the right of the idol worshippers to practice their own religion. (Refer to 109:1-6)

Quest for knowledge:* To seek knowledge is devotion to God. Those who seek knowledge are especially favored by God. Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) made it a religious duty, and a life time obligation for the believers, men and women, to learn and seek knowledge.

"Allah will exalt those among you who believe, as well as those who have acquired knowledge, to high ranks." (58:11)

It is a beautiful prayer for every Muslim to ask:

"O my Lord! Increase my ability to acquire knowledge." (20:114)

"As for those who strive in the cause of Allah, will surely be guided to the right path. Indeed God is with those who are righteous and act kindly." (29:69)

courtesy: Islamic Center of Beverly Hills, CA





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