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Newsletter for May 2013


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With friends, even if you were in a fire,
it's like being in a garden

if you were with an enemy, by a bad luck,
even though it was in a garden, it's like being in a fire.

do not be egotitic with a friend
it will make him an enemy

if you do good to other people to please God
or to comfort your soul

you will find people friendly
and no malice or hatred will touch your heart

( Masnavi Rumi Vol. IV:1976-1980 )

Translated by Nasir Shamsi


har ke bsh-ad ham-neshn- dst-n
hast dar golkhan meyn- bstn

har ke b-doshman neshn-ad dar zaman
hast dar bstn dar glkhan

dst-r m-zr az m-wo man-at
t na-gard-ad dst khasm-o doshman-at

khayr kon b khalq bahr- zad-at
y bary- rHat- jn- khwad-at

t hamra dst bn- dar nazar
dar del-at n-y-ad ze-kn n-khwash suwar






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