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Become like the sky!

by Rumi

Whatever is steeped in grape juice will acquire the flavor of the grape.
Whether it be carrots or apples or quinces and walnuts,
you will taste in them the delicious flavor of the grape.
When your knowledge is steeped in the light of faith,
then wayward people will receive light from it.
Whatever you say will be luminous,
for the sky never rains anything but pure water.
Become like the sky. Become like the cloud and shed rain:
the spout rains, too, but it can't produce the rain.
The water in the spout is borrowed;
the water in the cloud and sea is original.
Your thought and reasoning resemble the spout;
inspiration and revelation are like the cloud and the sky.
The rain water engenders all the colors of the garden,
while the spout causes quarrels with your neighbors.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Har cheh dar dushāb jushideh shavad
dar `aqideh ta`m-e dushābesh bovad
Az gazar o ze sib o beh o ze gerdgān
lazzat-e dushāb yābi to az ān
`Elm andar nur chon farghardeh shod
pas ze `elmet nur yābad qawm-e ladd
Har cheh guyi bāshad ān ham nur-nāk
k-āsmān hargez na-bārad ghayr-e pāk
Āsmān shaw abr shaw bārān be-bār
nāvdān bāresh konad na-bud be-kār
Āb andar nāvdān `āriyatist
āb andar abr o daryā fetratist
Fekr o andisheh-st masal-e nāvdān
vahy o makshufast abr o āsmān
Āb-e bārān bāgh-e sad rang āvord
nāvdān hamsāyeh dar jang āvord

Mathnawi V:2486-2493
Version by Camille and Kabir Helminski
Rumi: Jewels of Remembrance
Threshold Books, 1996
(Persian transliteration courtesy of Yahyį Monastra)





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