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Newsletter for January 2013


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God works through People.

Shams-i Tabrizi
(excerpted from Maqalat-i Shams-i Tabrizi)


The Qura'n says: "And so lend unto God a goodly loan (Quran, 73:20). But what does God need ? Remember the story told about Moses, when God addressed him and said:" 0 Moses, I was hungry and you did not feed me. 0 Moses, if I would come to you asking for something, what would you do then?" But Moses said:"0 my Lord, you are far away from doing that". But God said: "If I would come". In spite of the fact that Moses said repeatedly: "how would it be possible?" God said: "Suppose such a thing would happen, what would you do then?" At last God said: "I am very hungry, now leave the discussion and go and prepare some food, tomorrow I shall come to you". Moses went and prepared some food. From the early morning he looked around and found everything ready, only water was lacking. In the meantime a poor Dervish arrived and said: "Give me some bread, for God's sake". Moses said: "You came just in time" and he gave him two jugs and asked him to bring some water. The Dervish said:" I would do thousand services for you". Then he went and brought some water and Moses gave him some bread. The Dervish did many services and went away. Now Moses has made troub­les for himself for the sake of God (and Moses knew alchemy, for he was ordered to write the Torah with gold!). The day came to an end and Moses was still waiting for God to come. Finally he distributed the food among his neighbors. He was thinking about this problem and the secret of it. Whether the problem was that he should be generous towards those people or that he should obey the order and do what he was ordered to do. When the time of revelation arrived, Moses said to God: "You pro­mised me to come, but you did not". God said: "I came but you would not give me bread, unless you would order me to bring two jugs of water!"






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