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Newsletter for September 2011


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The Authenticity and Preservation of Quran
courtesy: Jawad Khaki

Amid all the diversity of thoughts, leanings and inter­pretations, Muslims are united by a single cohesive force, an eternal and abiding miracle of Muhammad (‘s); Holy Qur'an. A prince among the revealed Books, Qur'an has remained pristine and unsullied by the profane hands.

The external forces working restlessly to wreck the Mus­lim unity and consensus have now resorted to a new ploy. From among the Muslims themselves, they have succeeded to instigate sectarian differences based on Qur'an. We now see scholars of one sect accusing the followers of another sect of disbelieving in Qur'an, or believing in a Book which has disappeared or been interpolated.

From Saudi Arabia, South Africa and particularly Pakistan, recent publications against the Shiah sect harp on one and the same note. They go to wearisome and tedious lengths, just to prove that the Shiahs are not Muslims because they do not believe in the existing Qur'an. It is surprising to find a man of Abul Hasan Nadawis' calibre joining the notorious band and entering inextricably into the quagmire. The forces of kufr have thus successfully created a wider chasm between the two main sects of Islam, the Shiah and the Sunni; and some scholars have played into their hands.

The fact is neither Sunni nor Shiah Muslims believe in any Our'an other than the existing one, nor do they sub­scribe to the views supporting interpolations, distortions, omissions, additions or any sort of tampering in the Holy Book.

In our selection of two chapters from Ayatullah Sayyid Abul Qasim al‑Khui's famous work al Bayan fi Tafsiril Qur'anwe have deliberately given a prime choice to the subjects of Tahrif and collection of the Qur'an. Later, we hope to translate and publish further chapters so that, eventually, whole book is placed in the hands of the Mus­lim as well as non‑Muslim readers.

Ayatullah al‑Khui completed this work decades ago. He is one of the great Shiah mujtahids of this era, internationally known for his erudition. The book was acclaimed as a masterpiece by Shiah as well as Sunni scholars, leaving no doubt in the minds of its readers that Qur'an as a great force binding all the Muslims together has come to stay for ever.

The line of argument pursued by Ayatullah al‑Khui is unique. While he enumerates and discusses all the reports from Shiah as well as Sunni sources, he very ably conclu­des that according to the reliable and authentic traditions, Qur'an has remained pure, pristine and unprofaned. His arguments proving that the belief in Tahrif goes against al‑Kitab (i.e. Qur'an), as‑Sunnah, al‑Aql andal‑Ijma', are compelling and persuasive. His analysis of all those reports which indicate desultory, unmethodical and haphazard later day collection of Qur'an leaves no shred of doubt that they are false and fabricated.

In his preface to the first edition of al‑Bayan fi Tafsir il Qur'an, al Khui writes:‑

"I was enamored by Qur'an from the childhood, always keen to unravel its secrets and to discover its meaning. It behoves every true Muslim, and even non‑Muslim thinkers to ponder over Qur'an, to unfold its hidden meaning and to benefit from its light. For it is a Book which has a message for human welfare and guides it to success and salvation. Qur'an is a reference for the linguist, a guide to the grammarian, an authority for the jurist, an example for the refined, a lost treasure for the wise. It even guides those who admonish and shows the goal in life. It is a source of social as well as political sciences, and upon it rest the sciences of Islam. It will reveal to you the fascinating secrets. of Nature, and introduce you to the laws of crea­tion. Qur'an is the abiding miracle of this ever lasting religion, and a code of conduct based on the high and esteemed Shariah".

 It is our earnest hope that this publication will serve to bridge the gap between Muslims, created by the subtle forces of kufr. Further, it will Inshallah enable them, both Shiah and Sunni, to realize that Qur'an is their only hope of deliverance from the unscrupulous manipulations of un­-Islamic and anti‑Islamic propagandists. Let no Muslim be deceived into believing that he or his brother, despite the sectarian differences, believes in any authority other than that of the existing Qur'an. It is complete, pure, pristine and unaltered.









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