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Herbal treatment for Hypotension (Low Blood Pressure)

Supplements and herbs

A poor nutrient assimilation in the body and an insufficient dietary regimen can aggravate the severity of a lowered blood pressure in affected individuals. A poor diet can be supported by proper supplementation of vital and essential minerals and other nutrients. The most important of these supplements are the vitamins B, C and E, all of which must be present in the diet in sufficient amounts. Though all the vitamins in a supplement of the major B complex vitamin can lead to an increase in the stamina and energy levels, some of the B vitamins, particularly the pantothenic acid is the regarded as more important in supporting the functioning of the adrenal gland-thus supplements of this vitamin is a must in all individuals affected by hypotension. The strength of the walls of the blood vessels is maintained by supplements of the vitamin C and this should always be taken along with the plant based natural compounds known as the bioflavonoids, both of these supplements also improve the body’s resistance to infection from various pathogens and viruses. The supply of oxygen within the cellular machinery is improved and bolstered by supplements of the vitamin E, and all patients suffering from a lowering of the blood pressure must be supplemented this vitamin in proper and regular doses. Individuals affected by a lowering of the blood pressure also often experience a sluggish functioning of the thyroid glands, the green food supplement of the seaweed kelp is a supplemental food very rich in minerals and it effectively improves the functioning of the sluggish thyroid gland. The herbal supplements of bee pollen can positive effect all endocrine glands within the body, and it also aids in the stimulation of overall strength and increases the energy levels within the body of the affected individual.

The following herbs and herbal remedies can be used as supplements in stimulating the circulation and certain important glands, the given herbal juices will aid in alleviating the symptoms related to a lowered blood pressure in an individual. Dosage of any of these herbal remedies can be a tbsp. of the herbal juice thrice every day during the treatment period.

Herbal remedies such as the hyssop have a very positive effect on the functioning of all the endocrine glands, they help stimulate the overall strength and boost the energy levels in all affected individuals. Blood pressure is raised by the action of the hyssop when enhanced with supplements of the seaweed kelp; these two supplements also stimulate the glands within the body and alleviate the other physical symptoms associated with hypotension. Another herbal remedy is to drink the juice of the rosemary leaves which has been steeped in some aged red wine, dosage of this herbal juice can be a tbsp. every day to function as a heart tonic. The lowered blood pressure is also increased by supplements of the Siberian ginseng, the root of the goldenseal herb, the root of the ginger, spirulina and the miracle herb ginkgo biloba, all of these herbs also stimulate the circulatory system at the same time and ease symptoms associated with the condition. The heart is fortified by supplements of the hawthorn berries and the garlic; these herbs also regulate blood pressure in individuals affected by the lowering of blood pressure.

Additional things you may do

Circulation is also stimulated by alternative techniques such as hydrotherapy, these techniques include taken daily, alternating showers using hot and cold water, and other forms of these techniques include sessions of water stepping and dew walking on a grassy lawn. The importance of regular physical exercise cannot be overemphasized in all patients affected by the condition. To improve health and to promote physical well being, regularly walk, hike or cycle and swim outdoors as often as you can-these activities will improve the ability of the body to resist disease and other infections. Circulation in the skin can be stimulated by regular morning sessions of dry-brushing and massaging. Before rising out of bed in the mornings start exercises such as moving and flexing the toes, and activities such as pulling the knees up and down to the body. Jumping suddenly out of bed in the morning can result in sudden dizzy spells; therefore get up slowly in the morning after a full night of sleep. Circulation can be negatively affected by clothing that is made from all kinds of artificial fibers and synthetic clothes make sure that any clothing you use is made from natural fibers such as cotton, artificial clothing interferes with the body's natural electric field-this can disturb the circulation within the body.

Usual dosage

Other beneficial herbs

If you suffer from the low blood pressure, you must take carrot juice daily. Take a rich protein supplement foods. Deep sleep for 6 hours keep in positive mentality.









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