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Article 1      The Holy Qur'an Sura # 31 "Sura Luqman" Translated by Yousefali

Article 2      Imam Husain (as) and His Martyrdom by Abdullah Yusuf Ali


Article 4      Buddhist Mindfulness and Sufi Mysticism: Enlightenment versus Divine Closeness

Article 5      Hassan Abbas's interview with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Article 6      US Shiites tentatively make a home in America By RACHEL ZOLL

Article 7      Is the Islamic past relevant to the present? (a book review) Review By Muhammad Khan

Article 8      Spinach Nutrition

Article 9      Natural and Spicy Remedies for Common Illnesses by Pradyuman Josh

Article 10    Essentials of Faith - A Rose Garden of Myriad Colors "The Obligation of Hajj"

Article 11    CHARITY IN THE QUR’AN: A SPIRITUAL APPROACH by Dr. Abidullah Ghazi

Article 12    Rumi on Death and Union (Vesal)


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Article 1      Holy Qur'an Sura 34 (Sheba) Translation by Abdullah Yusufali

Article 2      What is Ashura ?

Article 3      Shias' Homage to the Martyrs of Karbala by Sayed Mahdi Al-Modaressi

Article 4      7 Ways to Learn More Without More Study By Nancy Shute

Article 5      Ten Things To Hand Down To Your Daughter

Article 6      Haitian Earthquake Tragedy

Article 7      What is Yaqeen (Certainty) in Islam? by Kamran Shamsi, Age 10, Leicester, UK

Article 8      Knowledge Is Power by Hashim Shamsi,14 Years, Leicester, UK

Article 9      Though I be a thorn, and though there be a flower to grace the meadow, I grow by that Hand which nurtures me."

Article 10    Shrine of Jalaluddin Rumi, Konya

Article 11    What is osteoporosis?

Article 12    Turning the The Dead Soil into Rose Graden! by Rumi


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Article 1      The Holy Qur'an "Surah 32. As-Sajda (The Prostration, Worship, Adoration)" Translated by Abdullah Yusufali

Article 2      Karbala and the Imam Husayn in Persian and Indo-Muslim literature

Article 3      Imam Mahdi (a)

Article 4      10 Things You Can Do To Develop A Culture Of Muslim Unity by A. M. Mujahid

Article 5      Muslims in America: Seven Centuries of History

Article 6      Iqbal's Impact On Freedom Movement by M.H. Askari

Article 7      The Muslim Woman and Her Parents

Article 8      Seeing with Muslim Eyes by HAMZA YUSUF

Article 9      Why America needs Rumi by Maliha Masood

Article 10    A Game Of Cards by Norman Cousins

Article 11    Natural therapy for heart vain opening

Article 12    People of the Heart by Rumi


the Message Continues...i104


Article 1      The Holy Qur'an "First Surah" Al-Fateha / The Opening Translated by Abdullah Yusufali

Article 2      PROPHET YUSUF By the late Dr. Syed Haider Hussain Shamsi

Article 3      Quaid-e-Azam’s Concept Of Pakistan As State By Rizwan Ahmed (Marhoom)

Article 4      Islam and Pluralism in a Global Era By Dr. Fathi Osman

Article 5      Diabetes and its miraculous medicines

Article 6      7 tips for improving your relationship with the Quran

Article 7      Childhood TV viewing can cause teenage problems By Andrew Stern

Article 8      TV Causes Learning Lag in Infants By Jeanna Bryner, Senior Writer

Article 9      Unhappy People Watch Lots More TV By Jeanna Bryner - 15 November 2008

Article 10    7 Clever Google Tricks Worth Knowing

Article 11    Dajjal/Anti-Christ by Salem Al-Amry

Article 12    Don't Complain, Count your Blessings! by Rumi



the Message Continues...i105


Article 1      The Holy Qur'an "Surah 16. An-Nahl (The Bee) Translated by Abdullah Yusufali

Article 2      Maulvi Mumtaz Ali (as) 19th Century advocate of Women's rights by Asgher Ali Engineer

Article 3      "Trust In Allah" 'Tawakul ala Allah'

Article 4      Common Word and Common Ground: Transforming Interfaith Dialogue into Interfaith Solidarity by Dr. Robert D. Crane

Article 5      Tongue by Muhammed Khaku (PA, United States)

Article 6      Muslim Women between tradition and modernity by Asgher Ali Engineer (Mumbai, India)

Article 7      History of Al Aqsa Mosque by Kais Al-Kalby with Emad J. Meerza

Article 8      The Month of Rajab

Article 9      Mother and daughter left 'heartbroken' by vicious race assault

Article 10    How to make your children pray on their own without quarrel or a reminder:

Article 11    Gems Science in Islam: its Medicinal & Mystical Value

Article 12    Reunion (Vesal) by Rumi



the Message Continues...i106


Article 1      Holy Qur'an "Surah 35 Fatir - The Angels, Originator" Translated by Abdullah Yusufali

Article 2      The Secret of Imam Ali's (AS) Force of Attraction.

Article 3      Tahajjud Prayers - SALATUL–LAYL [NAMAZ-E-SHAB]

Article 4      An Interview with Umm Saalih: A Grandmother Who Completed Memorizing the Qur'an at Eighty-Two Years Old As Read by Dr. Saleh as Saleh

Article 5      Foods That Help or Harm Your Sleep.

Article 6      Story about Masjid al-Aqsa

Article 7      'Longest table in the world' in Prophet’s Mosque, Madina By Abdul Rahman Shaheen

Article 8      Muslims donate nearly $1 billion to Pakistan Monday, 30 Aug, 2010

Article 9      The Miracle of Zum Zum Water! Research by Tariq Hussain and Moin Uddin Ahmed

Article 10    Study to expand Grand Mosque’s Tawaf area By Ahmad Al-Hudhaifi


Article 12    The Perceiving Eye by Rumi



the Message Continues...i107


Article 1    The Holy Qur'an "Surah 91 Ash Shams (The Sum) Translated by Abdullah Yusufali

Article 2     IMAM AL-BAQIR (Peace Be Upon Him) and THE HOLY QURAN)

Article 3     About the Oneness of Allah from Nahjul Balagha Sermon 185

Article 4     American perception of Islam improving By Shaahid Jaffer

Article 5      Political Philosophy of Islam - Politics and Religion from an Islamic perspective by Ayatollah Muhammad Taqi Misbah Yazdi

Article 6     The Tragedy of Monotheism by Rabia Terri Harris

Article 7     Aging Tips from an "Old" Porsche, April 7, 2010

Article 8     Mother in Burqa - Daughter in Jeans, T-Shirt by Amna Gilani

Article 9     "Islam as a religion, and Islam as history" by Asgher Ali Engineer

Article 10    Marriage is half of your faith.......

Article 11    Buddhist Mindfulness and Sufi Mysticism: Enlightenment versus Divine Closeness by Mohammad Nad-e-Ali Shamsi

Article 12    "Search the Darkness" by Rumi



the Message Continues...i108


Article 1    The Holy Qur'an "Surah 73. Al-Muzzammil (The Enshrouded One, Bundled Up) Translated by Abdullah Yusufali

Article 2    Ziarat-i-Imam By Nasir Shamsi, Monroe, New Jersey

Article 3    Aspirin

Article 4    Herbal juices

Article 5    Have a Positive attitude

Article 6    Clean your kidneys... with KOTHIMBIR (DHANIYA)

Article 7    Memory

Article 8    Mother and daughter left 'heartbroken' by vicious race assault

Article 9    Potato chips are dangerous for kids health....

Article 10   HOW TO HAVE A BAD DAY:

Article 11   A Sense of Urgency 

Article 12   A Grain of Intelligence! by Rumi



the Message Continues...i109


Article 1    The Holy Qur'an "Surah 104. Al-Humaza (The Traducer, The Gossipmonger) Translated by Abdullah Yusufali

Article 2    Imam Zainul Abedin (as)

Article 3    The Bohras in South and South East Asia Part 1 of 2 by Asgher Ali Engineer

Article 4    Muslims Contribution To Science Astronomy


Article 6    Your Thyroid Health

Article 7    Islam made me a better citizen by Corey Saylor

Article 8    Islamic Law: A Thematic Primer on Human Rights by Dr. Robert D. Crane

Article 9    Me'raj - the Ascension by Mujahidali Sheriff (Leicester, United Kingdom)

Article 10   Muslims: The threat from within by AIJAZ ZAKA SYED


Article 12   Mowlana Jalaluddin Rumi Quotes



the Message Continues...i110


Article 1    The Holy Qur'an Surah 67 Al-Mulk The Sovereignty, Control Translated by Abdullah Yusufali

Article 2    Sayings of Prophet Mohammad Al-Mustafa (saw)

Article 3    Zamzam water at Prophet’s Mosque pure, says official By Hassan Al-Najrani

Article 4    The Islamic hijaab

Article 5    Honoring Differences By: Rabbi Samuel M. Stahl

Article 6    Does the Quran Really Sanction Violence Against ‘Unbelievers’?

Article 7    Camel's milk may treat Aids & Cancer by Eman Al Baik

Article 8    Three Things Muslims were Specified With

Article 9    Officials rule France burqa ban legal

Article 10   Practical tips for a fine Haj by Asma Bint Shameem

Article 11   Calgary’s Naheed Nenshi becomes Canada’s first Muslim mayor by JOSH WINGROVE

Article 12   Mowlana Jalaluddin Rumi Quotes



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